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Pennsylvania Has One of the Most Chilling Halloween Theme Parks Anywhere

When you think about fall, you probably don't think about going to a theme park. But, fall can be a great time to check out your local theme park, with fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. If you're in Pennsylvania, then you're in luck, because Pennsylvania has one of the most chilling Halloween theme parks anywhere. A new ranking has published a list of the best amusement parks to visit over Halloween this year. As for methodology, "The ranking, created by JeffBet, assigned each theme park a score out of 10 based on their amenities, attractions, availability of their Halloween event, crowding, price, seasonal popularity, spooky theming, and value for money." Before we get to the best, let's look at the worst. Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay was ranked the worst park to visit during Halloween because of the few restaurants and not having much of a spooky theme, according to the study. Going up to the best, No. 2 is Knott's Berry Farm in California. I'm so excited to say that I went there as a little kid, when my family was visiting my aunt in California. They have 19 Halloween-specific attractions, according to the study, including the "Knott's Scary Farm," with ten immersive mazes, five scare zones, and four live shows. No. 3 is Disneyland Park in California. Pennsylvania Has One of the Best Halloween Theme Parks in America Guess who topped the list? Hersheypark, of course. It came in at No. 6 on the list. Hersheypark has a ton of fun stuff to get you into the holiday spirit. According to their official website, they have trick-or-treating in Treatville, all your favorite coasters, some frightfully yummy food and more. Also, "Dark Nights" is back, with the Park stating, "Discover what's new and terrifying this season waiting to scare you like never before." Find more on Hersheypark's Halloween fun here. [select-listicle listicle_id="238547" syndication_name="pennsylvania-has-one-of-the-most-beautiful-spots-for-fall-colors-in-america" description="no"]  

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