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This Beach Staple Is Banned At The Jersey Shore In 2024

It is almost summer! And if you are getting excited about headed down the shore this year, there are new beach restrictions at the Jersey Shore you need to know before you go. Life 'Down the Shore' For generations, summer weekends have been a treat as families make the trek from the Philadelphia area to the beaches in New Jersey, or 'down the shore.' Waking up early, going for a ride on your beach cruiser, and staying up late with friends. The connections we make at the Jersey Shore last a lifetime. Parents are proud to continue the tradition with their children as they know the importance of making those memories, not to mention life lessons. You might remember the first time your toes touched the sand (I stood there, at two years old, and screamed). Maybe you had your first kiss on the boardwalk. And don't even get me started on the amazing places to eat! These are the memories that make us. The Star of the Jersey Shore The star of the Jersey Shore is, of course, the shore. Days are spent soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, and building sandcastles. Whether your perfect beach includes wide stretches of pristine sand or quaint little coves. Maybe you love setting up camp at daybreak before the crowd or making a grand appearance at the height of the day. This is what summer is all about. Restrictions at the Jersey Shore This year might be a little different for you. The good news is you will not have to pack as much. (I like a silver lining.) There is a temporary ban on tents and umbrellas larger than eight feet in diameter on the beach in North Wildwood. Why? Well, there just is no room for them. According to, at high tide, at least 10 blocks of beach disappear. Coastal erosion forced several areas of the beach to close earlier this year and experts believe it to get worse before it gets better. You might ask, "Why don't they just bring more sand in like they have in the past?" Because neighboring towns don't have enough sand to share. "North Wildwood has been unable to truck sand over from Wildwood for about two years, given the state of erosion-impacted beaches in the neighboring city, according to local officials." If the ordinance is passed on May 7th the ban will go into effect on May 15th, so you will want to follow up on this story if you are already planning your Memorial Day weekend down the shore. According to CBS News: "The mayor said signs would be posted, and lifeguards and police officers would enforce the ordinance. At this time, the restrictions would only apply to the 2024 season." [select-listicle listicle_id="221249" syndication_name="8-beach-motels-in-wildwood-new-jersey" description="yes"]

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