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Phillies Rival Most Likely To Sign Rhys Hoskins

There are a lot of questions facing the Philadelphia Phillies this offseason but the first and biggest was whether or not to sign Rhys Hoskins. Bryce Harper took over as the primary first basemen for the Phillies after the All-Star break begging the question, what about Rhys Hoskins? It seems like when asked, Bryce Harper said he would be willing to play anyway and that's when General Manager Dave Dombrowski made the decision to have him continue the duties at first base and allow Hoskins to find other options. More from the Philadelphia Inquirer on that. He was a critical part of the 2022 run to the World Series including this epic homer against Spencer Strider (shh) and the Atlanta Braves (boo). Rhys Hoskins Injury This was what is known as his "contract year" meaning the final year in his deal to be able to convince the Phillies (or another team) to sign him for a lot of money. Expectations were high and then, unfortunately, an injury in Spring Training ended his season before it even started. Here is a video of the injury back in March, right before the season was set to begin. A non-contact left knee injury that led later to surgery. Will They Let Rhys Hoskins Walk? It seems like at this point they will. As explained above and explained in the Philadelphia Inquirer post, it seems like Bryce Harper will become the full-time first baseman and Rhys Hoskins will get to explore other options during free agency. But where will he go? And will he end up facing the Phillies a couple of times in the regular season, the playoffs, or (God forbid) the World Series? We break down the options below. Let's start with his history, where it all started, and where it is today.

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