The All-Time Roster Of Homegrown Sixers Players

Who are the greatest homegrown Sixers players ever? I am not talking about guys born in Philly. We already made that list. I am talking about guys who were drafted by the Sixers, or at the very least made their pro debut in a Sixers jersey.We already did the experiment with the Phillies, now let's put together the All-Time Roster of homegrown Sixers players. Some Sixers Legends Don't Qualify For Homegrown Status It gets complicated for them because some of their best players didn't get their starts here. Wilt Chamberlain, Dr. J, and Moses Malone, all got their pro basketball starts in other cities. So before you comment under the article and yell at me for leaving guys out, they weren't even eligible. You had to be drafted here, or at least made your Pro debut in a 76ers jersey. Julius Erving may have played his first NBA minutes here, but he played in the ABA before that, so he can't make the list. People who started with the Syracuse Nationals count. It is a different name and city, but the same organization. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Warriors do not count. Wilt played his first pro minutes in the city of Philadelphia but for a different organization. So the guy many would call the greatest Sixers player ever was not eligible for the list. So who made the list? Who is the best center they ever drafted? The best point guard? Small Forward? Who would fill out their bench? We put together a roster of the best homegrown players in Sixers history. Find out who made it below. See the All-Time Homegrown Roster For The Other Philly Teams Below: The All-Time Roster of Homegrown Phillies Players The All-Time Roster of Homegrown Eagles Players (Coming Soon) The All-Time Roster of Homegrown Flyers Players (Coming Soon) Here Is The All-Time Roster for Homegrown Sixers Players: