Win A Country Cruise With Nicole & Pau Hana!

Register to win a 16 person Country Themed Tiki Boat Party with Nicole where you’ll set sail with Pau Hana in Ocean City, NJ – The only authentic Caribbean Tiki Boat Experience at the Jersey Show.

You and 15 of your friends will be transported to a tropical island where it’s 5’oclock all day.

Pau Hana is the Ultimate Summer Experience for celebrations of all kind!

For tickets and information, visit

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Here Are 7 Super Summer Jobs At The Jersey Shore

Summer is fast approaching. You may be in the market for summer jobs at the Jersey shore.

If you plan to have extended stay down the shore this summer, you may want to make some extra cash. Good news is, businesses are always looking for some extra summertime help. These jobs aren’t a long commitment. Seasonal jobs are not uncommon at Jersey Shore towns.

Whether you want your kid out of the house making some extra cash, or you yourself want to get in on the fun, there are plenty of jobs to choose from. Beach towns become swarmed with people after Memorial Day Weekend. Businesses can become easily overwhelmed without sufficient help.

Here’s where you can step in by getting a summer jobs at the Jersey shore!

Just think about it. Yea, you may have to get up for an early shift, but if you get done by early afternoon you can spend time at the beach or the boardwalk.

Opportunities to work during the summers months are all over New Jersey beaches. It may even be wise to start applying now, so that way when summer comes you know exactly what you’ll be doing. Now more than ever, help wanted signs are all over.

Here are 7 summer jobs down the shore to check out:

  • Lifeguarding

    Beach Patrols all over the Jersey Shore are looking for help during the summer. The more lifeguards the better in order to have safer beaches. The training is pretty rigorous, so that may be something you want to keep in mind. It isn’t an easy job, but its a great one to have. If you have a passion for making the beach safer, and you’re a strong swimmer, check out beach patrol opportunities.

  • Wawa

    When is Wawa not completely swamped in any shore town you visit? They are always looking for some extra hands to help wherever necessary. Whether its making hoagies in the deli, pumping gas (because they do that in Jersey), or checking people out as a cashier, Wawa would be grateful for your help. This is probably the most specific job on this list, but there’s a reason for that. Wawa is a STAPLE of shore culture. They are busier than ever in the summer months.

  • Boardwalk Shops

    If you were to walk the boardwalk now, you would probably see many stores with help wanted signs on their doors and counters. Boardwalks in towns like Wildwood and Ocean City have loads of shops that are always looking for extra hands. You can choose from fudge shops, escape rooms, game stalls, or apparel stores. You have some sort of experience, they probably have a store that’s right for you.

  • Camp Counselor

    Day camps down the shore have a need for camp counselors. This job may be perfect for you if you’re a teacher, or an aspiring one, looking for some summer cash. What you’ll be doing depends on what summer camp you apply to and where they need help. It seems to be a super rewarding job, though. You’re contributing directly to the fun and summer memories of the kids you take care of. Plus, you get to join in on all the cool activities they get up to!

  • Beach Tag Checker

    If you want to stroll the beach all day, this one may be for you. Tag checkers walk around the beach making sure people have the proper tags for the use of that particular beach. The only catch with this is that not all Jersey Shore beaches require tags, so if you need a job in a place like Wildwood, for example, this job is probably off the table.

  • Server or Busser

    Restaurants are another prime example of places that get mobbed during the summer months. Becoming part of a restaurant’s waitstaff, or helping out bussing or hosting is always a good idea. If you’re up to it, breakfast joints are the most iconic eateries down the shore. It’s a super early wake-up and start time, but they would definitely appreciate all the help they can get on a busy morning.

  • Swim Instructor

    There is a high demand for swimming lessons in the summer. No one wants to get caught in a situation at the beach where they are struggling to swim. If you know how to swim and want to teach children and adults to swim and stay safe, check out this option. You can even freelance this option.

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