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A Wordle Love Story Download

02:28 Download January 31st

The new word game sweeping the world is Wordle, an online game that has you guessing one five-letter word a day. The game tells you if you have guessed any correct letters and are in the right spot. You Have six chances to guess the correct word.

John Wardle, the website creator, is a software engineer who designed the game for his girlfriend. When the game went live in November, 90 people were playing Wordle. Today, over 300 million people across the world are playing. What started as a romantic gesture became a staple in many daily routines.

This specific Wordle can not be on a downloaded app but rather a website. There aren’t any ads or subscriptions for the game. It’s simply a fun daily word puzzle for anyone to enjoy. If you would like to play more than once a day, visit the Wordle archive!

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