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How are you at dating? Probably better than Dave … Download

03:49 Download November 22nd, 2019

How Does Dave do at Dating? We found the latest trends and put him to the test.

2020 Dating Trends:
Cause-playing (/kawz-play-ing/): When a casual relationship fizzles out, only to have one person later circle back with a favor to ask (usually about supporting a good cause). “Will you come to their band’s show, support their friend’s half-marathon, contribute to their Kickstarter, etc.?” 61% of singles have had someone break up with them and eventually circle back to ask them for a favor.
Dial-toning (/dahy-uh l-tohn-ing/): Different from ghosting, dial-toning is ignoring someone before a relationship ever begins. It’s the act of giving someone your phone number only to ignore them when they reach out. Sixty percent of singles have experienced someone giving them their phone number only to have their text ignored when reaching out; 35% of singles admit to doing this to someone as well.
Eclipsing (/ih-klips-ing/): Adopting the interests or hobbies of someone you’re dating and pretending you like them too. Nearly half of singles (48%) have experienced dating someone who adopted all the same interests/hobbies as them, with 45% of singles admitting to having done this in the past.
Glamboozled (/glam-boo-zuh l’d/): Getting fully done up for a date only to have them cancel or your plans fall through at the last minute; 58% of singles have experienced this.
Kanye’d (/kon-yey’d/): When your date spends the entire time talking about themselves; 45% of singles have endured a one-sided conversation while on a date.
Type-casting (/tahyp kas-ting/): Exclusively dating people based on Myers-Briggs Type or “Love Language” compatibility; 27% of singles know someone who has talked about their Myers Briggs or Love Language on a date.
White Clawing (/hwahyt-klaw-ing/): The act of staying with someone who you find basic and boring only because you find them attractive. Over a quarter of singles (27%) admit to having done this; 42% say they know someone who has done this.
Yellow Carding (/yel-oh kahrd-ing/): When someone is called out on their poor dating behavior; 27% of singles have confronted a date for their bad behavior.

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