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July 7, 2019 Alana Mauger of Blood Services at the American Red Cross Penn Jersey Region Download

29:15 Download July 9th

Alana Mauger, Communications Manager for Blood Services for the American Red Cross Penn Jersey Region, discussed the current critical need for blood.  After praising the efforts of our sister station WMMR’s recent drive – the largest single location dive in the US – and the 1,416 pints it collected, she noted that the area went through those pints within three days.  To maintain the quantity needed over 800 pints must be collected every day of the year.  She encouraged people to come in and give, anyone 16 with parental approval, then 17 and up can give with few exceptions.  She described the process and how they collect whole blood, power reds – a double collection of red cells, and platelets, which allows you to keep the plasma and other cells.   The need for all types is there, but especially for O negative and O positive.  She also asked ethnic communities and people of color to donate as people requiring multiple transfusions of blood product – including Sickle Cell patients – develop antibodies against the blood; they require an even tighter match to their donor,  Finally, if you cannot donate, consider volunteering, driving donations or at a blood drive.  She also asked us to organize a drive, the American Red Cross does all of the work, including help with finding a location.

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