Keep Music Alive Interview

This morning the XTU Morning Crew interviewed Vincent James from Keep Music Alive. Keep Music Alive is having their 5th Annual Teach Music Week. It is happening now through Sunday March 24th.   

They invite musicians, music schools, music stores and other music organizations to offer a free lesson or class to new students. And it's not just for kids, adults can join too.  

To celebrate its fifth year an estimated 750 locations in a dozen countries will participate including the U.S., Australia, Chile, Canada, Croatia, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and United Kingdom. 

Teach Music Week is celebrated annually during the 3rd week of March to coincide with national "Music in Our Schools Month"  

Anyone interested in learning to play an instrument is encouraged to seek out a participating location or musician friend to help get them started.   

For more information, please visit .