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It is never easy to say goodbye to sweet boy. Love you always Pirate.

The story of how we got Pirate isn’t too common but boy is it beautiful. Emily and I met in February of 2019. In September of that year, I was hosting an adoption event in Las Vegas with my radio station. I had very lofty goals to get quite a few dogs adopted in just my two-hour window.

Before going to the event, Emily told me, “if you find a dog that you think would be great for us, call me and I will come out.” She had three things that would’ve made the perfect dog; a female dog, under 50 pounds and under four years old. To her surprise, I told her to come meet Pirate and I had to let her know on the phone that not only does he not meet all three of her criteria, he meets none of them!

In fact, before making that call to Emily, I did a Facebook Live video with Pirate encouraging people to come down and adopt him or another dog. Right after handing his leash back to the lady at the animal rescue, I knew that I had to take him home. Here’s that video.

We ultimately adopted Pirate, an eight-year-old, male dog over 100 pounds. I told Emily to trust me saying, “This will be the greatest dog you will ever own.” I had a feeling and I wasn’t wrong.

Pirate was always so friendly with all people, kiddos included. He loved being a big brother to McKinley, always making sure he was in the same room as her. We knew in adopting an older dog, we may only have a couple years with him but these were the best years we could’ve ever asked for from a doggo.

Pirate, we miss you endlessly, thank you for always being the best boy. For the last time, “nah night Puppa.”

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