Poor Jeff, his first day with his Maybe Baby didn’t go very well. It was SO EXHAUSTING! That’s why he came up with Jeff’s Daddy Diary to help keep up with everything.

Take a look at this video to learn a little more about his day.

Day One Recap of Jeff's first day with #MaybeBaby!

Posted by The Andie Summers Show on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Robot Baby For Students

Thanks to our friends at Collegium Charter School, we were able to secure a robot baby for Jeff to practice on before his baby comes around August 4th. Jeff and Emily are expecting their first baby and it’s going to be a GIRL.

Watch when the rest of The Andie Summers Show found out about the gender reveal.

What’s This “Maybe Baby” About?

Tuesday on the show, Jeff was introduced to the idea that was hatched by Andie, Donnie and Shannon. They wanted to help him get some practice!

Take a listen to when he found out their secretive plan.

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Jeff’s Daddy Diary

Hey guys, it’s Jeff. And this is my first Daddy Diary entry for my first day with baby Maybe. I met the baby at 8:30am and all things seemed well and good. Brought her along with me to Turnersville, NJ for our Baby Buggy stop at Nifty Fiftys.

I got a stare from the nice gentleman at the gas pump in Jersey who probably thought I was insane with a fake baby in a car seat but it is what it is!!

The event went great and so many XTU Nation members getting to meet the Maybe Baby and take pictures with her; you can see those below. Thankfully, on the ride there (about 45mins) and the ride back to our house in Skippack (about an hour and five mins) the baby didn’t cry once.

When I got home, I had a lot of yard work to do so Emily, my wife, took care of the baby who didn’t even make a peep. Then it got weird. We interviewed a potential nanny for our baby McKinley coming in August, whilst I was holding the Maybe Baby.

We explained why we were doing it but I’m sure she was still weirded out.

Night time was by far the worst. Going to bed at 9:30pm, the baby work up six times in the span of an hour to either be fed, burped, given attention or changed. Then again at midnight, 1am and 3am before my 3:45am alarm went off for work.

I have gained so much more respect for parents after just ONE night with this little baby. I have been humbled for sure and now have just the smallest hint as to what is going to change next month for me and my little family.

Check out the photos of our day below and the video recap here.

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