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Jeff Kurkjian is the newest member of The Andie Summers Show but is recently married! He started on the show on July 5th but before driving across the country, they tied the knot in Las Vegas.

No, not like that kind of wedding! Jeff and Emily actually lived in Las Vegas for four and a half years. Emily, Jeff’s wife, was born and raised in Las Vegas and they got married at a venue out on the local side of town. And we know what you are thinking, no they don’t live in a casino!

Little do people know, Jeff met his wife on the dating app Tinder. She was his first ever match. Their first date was at a George Strait concert. They actually met Ashley McBride who opened up for The King in Las Vegas.

They met on February 2nd, 2019, moved in together at the end of that same year and then went through a pandemic together. Who would’ve thought that would happen?? But it ended up being the best thing for their relationship because they were bonding by being home together EVERY single day!

Jeff proposed in the backyard of their home in Las Vegas on October 17th, 2020! Emily had no idea that it was happening, in fact, they went to Olive Garden before and gave a BIG tip to the server as part of the Venmo Challenge they were doing at the time. Maybe that’s why Emily didn’t see it coming?

And immediately after that, they drove home and Jeff popped the question in their backyard. It was a really cute setup (big shoutout to Emily’s mom and best friend), take a look!

Okay, let’s get back on track here. At the wedding, they danced to Luke Combs’ Beautiful Crazy for their first dance.

Emily and her dad danced to Tim McGraw’s Little Girl.

Now that you have all of the background that you need, let’s see some of Jeff and Emily Kurkjian’s wedding photos!