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It was his very first time at the legendary music venue in our city and he saw quite a legend.

What is your favorite Jackson Browne song? Jeff has quite a few including The Load OutDoctor My Eyes and Stay. He performed for about an hour and then took a twenty minute break. Here is how the set list broke down.

Jackson Browne At The Mann Sunday, July 17th:

  1. Somebody’s Baby
  2. The Barricades of Heaven
  3. The Long Way Around
  4. Downhill From Everywhere
  5. Fountain of Sorry
  6. Rock Me on the Water
  7. In The Shape of a Heart
  8. Before the Deluge
  9. I Am A Patriot
  10. You Love The Thunder
  11. The Dreamer
  12. Until Justice Is Real
  13. For A Dancer
  14. These Days
  15. Redneck Friend
  16. Doctor My Eyes
  17. Late for the Sky
  18. The Pretender
  19. Running On Empty
  20. Take It Easy
  21. Our Lady of the Well
  22. The Load Out
  23. Stay

What is your favorite song by Jackson Browne?

Let’s take a look at Jeff and Emily Kurkjian’s pictures!