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Andie, Jeff and Shannon hung out at Reach Climbing + Fitness and very much tested their limits. Andie also brought along her daughter, Tori, and her two friends, plus her son, Leonard, who could be compared to a spider-monkey (more on that later).

We had a chance to hang out with one of our awesome XTU Nation members, Lindsey, and her husband, Pete. They are regulars at this amazing gym located in Bridgeport located at 401 E 4th St.
Bridgeport, PA 19405.

Here’s a group photo of the entire squad!

This gym is pretty legit, even though some of us weren’t that legit at the actual climbing! You can follow them below and find out what they are all about. All experience levels are welcome! Here’s what their Instagram profile says about their gym!

Reach has the the tallest in the region, with 58 ft walls come see why we were rated Best of Philly 2019! Fitness, yoga, climbing, and more!

And they actually just celebrated their THREE year anniversary earlier this year, back in June of 2022. Check out the LINE getting in for the big day!

Here’s what their post says…

We celebrate our 3rd anniversary and you’re invited! We at Reach are so grateful for our community and want to celebrate with you.

For our party today starting at 3 PM day passes are $10 dollars! From 3 PM- 5 PM see what Reach is all about during our open house, where staff will be there to belay for you.

Later in the night we are having a flash comp, dyno comp, free beer, and a movie night premier of REEL ROCK 16!

We hope that you will join in on all the fun this evening 💙🤍

We even talked to our friend, Lindsey, about the great times we had.

Now that you’ve learned all about Reach, you have to check out our photos from the really fun night we spent at Reach!