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The London Eye is almost like a standing Ferris Wheel. It's a huge tourist attraction and a great way to see the whole city.

The Celebrity I Stalked During My Trip Abroad

Hi! Shannon from The Andie Summers Show here. I was fortunate enough to take an international vacation with my family to London and Dublin for the past two weeks. What an incredible trip! This was my first trip to the UK, and I got to experience some amazing parts of London, even Richmond (for all the Ted Lasso fans!) Check out those pictures here!

Celebrity Sighting

When I was in Dublin, Ireland, I saw an Irish celebrity! You know this woman if you are familiar with Apple TV+’s Bad Sisters series.

Bad Sisters

Anne-Marie Duff poses in the Winner's Room with the Supporting Actress Award

Anne Marie Duff is one of the Bad Sisters who are conspiring to murder her horrible husband. If you haven’t seen the series, you definitely should because it’s really good. The full first season is on Apple TV+.

Fun Fact: One of the 5 sisters is Bono’s daughter!

I Stalked Her Down An Alley

My family and I are all fans of the show that takes place in Ireland. So when my mom and I walked out of a store onto the very busy Grafton Street, I spotted Anne Marie Duff almost immediately. I grabbed my mom’s arm and only said, “I just saw a Bad Sister, c’mon!” My mom and I immediately picked up our pace and followed her down a side street, yes like two crazy people, to find her.

She was on the phone and the people pleaser in me could not interrupt her phone call so instead we staged a picture so I didn’t look like a complete creep! My mom quickly ran in front of her and I pretended to snap a picture of my mom. I have to say we played it off pretty good, but the funny part is that there is nothing interesting about this specific street, so it was a bit odd for me to take a picture. Oops!

Find the celebrity sighting picture below!

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