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Have you ever been looking for amazing dad jokes to impress your friends but you’ve got nothing? Come to us and we can help you out. Dad jokes always have a place in the American household even if they are met with eye rolls and “c’mon dad” reactions.

Amazing Dad Jokes To Use

My name is Jeff Kurkjian, I am a radio host in Philadelphia and am known for my creativity and quick wit. I didn’t become a dad until August 2023 but I have been cracking dad jokes since 2000. Meet my daughter, McKinley Hope.

16 Adorable Photos Of Jeff Kurkjian’s Daughter, McKinley Hope

Every single Thursday on the show, I write a song in just ten minutes, we call it the “Ten Minute Tune.” While I was on paternity leave, however, I wasn’t in the studio but I decided to write some songs anyway.

I took a country music classic, “Country Roads,” and changed it to singing about the first couple weeks of being a dad. Any parent out there can definitely relate to this one.

Who Started The Dad Joke?

Now that you know I am qualified to talk about dad jokes, I thought I would give you a bit of history on the Dad Joke. We learned a lot from this article. According to this article, the first recorded use of the official term “dad joke” was found in a 1987 Gettysburg Times column. The article was written by the dad of dad jokes, Jim Kalbaugh.

Kalbaugh not only introduced “dad joke” to the public, but he also made an impassioned plea to keep the genre alive: “As we approach Father’s Day, I would like to propose that ‘Dad’ Jokes not be banned. They should be revered, preserved.”

Baby Trailer

14th October 1936: A father pulls his child along behind him in a new baby trailer, attached to the back of his bicycle. (Photo by Nick Yapp/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Dad Jokes To Make Your Family Laugh

Let’s get to it, here are my first set of eleven dad jokes you can use on your family and friends at any time of day. You’re welcome!

  • The Scarecrow

    This is a go-to for me so it had to start off my list. Appropriate for all ages, of course.

    Setup: “What award did the scarecrow win?”

    Punchline: “Outstanding In His Field!”

    HA, get it?

    A scarecrow works the fields October

  • The Bicycle

    I have heard quite a few versions of this joke but I thought I would set it up the way I like to set it up. If you’ve heard other ways, let us know!

    Setup: “Why did the bike have trouble waking up?”

    Punchline: “Because he was two-tired!”

    He has TWO tires and he is TOO tired.

     An athlete competes in the bike leg of Ironman

  • The Cinderella

    Any Disney fans out there? Well this one will make the little girls in your family laugh. Trust me, it’s a good one.

    Setup: “Why was Cinderella so bad at soccer?”

    Punchline: “Because she kept running away from the ball!”

    That’s what she’s known for, right?

    In this handout photo provided by Disney, characters from Disney's classic animated film "Cinderella" wave to the crowd while taping the "Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade"

  • The Forrest Gump

    I love a good movie reference that can be turned into a dad joke and this one is no different. Make sure your audience has SEEN this iconic movie before pulling this one out.

    Setup: “What is Forrest Gump’s computer password?”

    Punchline: “1forrest1”

    Get it? One like RUN Forrest RUN!

    Close up of chocolates in heart-shape box

  • The Fish

    Have to credit my morning show partner’s son on this one. Andie Summers raised a witty kid. Love this joke.

    Setup: “What do you call a fish with one eye?”

    Punchline: “FSH”

    HA! Love this one so much. Really sell it with a long “s” and you will be good.

    A Clownfish is seen June 25, 2003 at New World Aquarium in New York City

  • The Space Party

    Love a good astronomy joke. No, don’t worry, this one won’t go over your head. It’s just too perfect.

    Setup: “How do you put together a space-themed party?”

    Punchline: “You planet.”

    You PLAN IT/PLANET. Truly amazing stuff right here.

    American astronaut Joseph Tanner waves to the camera during a space walk

  • The Telephone Proposal

    This one honestly is a new one I just heard from a fellow dad friend of mine. Pretty solid, made the list!

    Setup: “How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend?”

    Punchline: “He gave her a ring!!”

    YES, a ring, like a call but also what goes on your finger. So funny!

    The new iPhone X is displayed during an Apple special event


  • The Butter Rumor

    Love a good kitchen pun, food always makes for great jokes.

    Setup: “Did you hear the rumor about butter?”


    Punchline: “Well, I’m not going to spread it!”

    This one is just A+ level smart honestly.

    Wooden board with butter on blue checkered napkin, close up.

  • The Crying Strawberry

    I said it before, I will say it again, I love a good food joke. I had to add this one in.

    Setup: “Why did the strawberry cry?”

    Punchline: “Because she found herself in a jam.”

    GET IT?? Yes, I always respond with get it cause I want you to get it! (of course you do)

    Previews: The Championships - Wimbledon 2023


  • The Dinner Plates

    Okay last food one for now, I promise.

    Setup: “What did one dinner plate say to the other?”

    Punchline: “Don’t worry, dinner is on me!”

    HA they can’t pay for dinner silly, they don’t have money.

    Tamale with corn leaf and filled chili pepper

  • The Condescending Bear

    An animal joke, well isn’t that just perfect! We love a good zoo joke.

    Setup: “Which bear is the most condescending?”

    Punchline: “A Pan-DUH”

    Make sure to take that PAUSE between Pan and DUH to really sell it!

    Giant chinese panda Ai Bao eats bamboo at Everland amusement park

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