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Happy April Fools Day! Here’s how to make sure you’re the prankster and not the prank-ee.

  • Mayo For Lunch

    Empty a jar of mayonnaise and fill it with vanilla yogurt. Eat it right out of the jar at your desk. Your coworkers will think you’re crazy!

  • Facebook Birthday

    If you know your spouse’s or friend’s Facebook login, sign in to their account and switch their birthday to April 1st. You’re not only pranking them but all of their Facebook friends too. You can pull the classic “___ was here.”

  • No Entry

    Put a sign on each office building door saying, “Door broken, use another one.” Watch them circle the building until they catch on to the prank.

  • Googly Eyes On Everything

    Such a classic prank.

  • Untouched Donuts

    Treat your family or coworkers to a box of cream-filled donuts with a note “Happy April 1st!” The prank is that there isn’t one. Watch everyone panic about whether or not you did anything to the donuts.

  • Macaroni Toilet Seat

    Prank your family by putting dry macaroni under the toilet seat. They will think it broke when they sit down.

  • Fake Mustache

    Wear a fake mustache all day long and act like it’s normal.

  • Sink Sprayer

    This can be messy. Rubber band the hose on your kitchen sink. When someone turns on the faucet, they will have no idea why water is spraying all over them.

  • Picture Swap

    Switch out your family’s portraits with someone else’s family. Now, wait and see how long it takes them to notice.

  • School Is Cancelled

    Good luck getting away with this one. Tell your parents that school is canceled on April 1st.

  • Move it!

    Move every piece of furniture 2 inches to the right.

  • Text Replacement

    If you have access to someone’s phone. Go to settings> keyboards > text replacement. Choose a common word such as “okay” or “yeah” and replace it with the complete opposite or something goofy such as “no” or “I want potatoes.” When they text you, act confused and keep asking them why they want potatoes.

  • Bugs!

    Head to your dollar store and grab a bag of fake bugs. Yuck! Place them around the house. Take it a step further and freak out with the rest of the family.

  • Fakey Poop

    Soak a brown paper towel or toilet paper roll in the water. Rip up the roll and remold it into whatever shape you like. You can be as creative as you’d like with this one.

  • Do I Have Something On My Forehead?

    If you’ve watched The Office then this one will sound familiar. When you’re speaking to someone, don’t make eye contact, just stare at their forehead. You’ll get them wondering, “do I have something on my forehead?”

  • Boo!

    Hide behind corners and doors and scare everyone at every chance you get. They will be on edge all day. Bonus points if you have a creepy mask too.