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We can talk about the best quarterbacks or coaches or running backs in the NFL until we’re blue in the face. But, what makes the game really exciting to watch are the personalities behind those players and staffers. Of course, having a fun personality isn’t all there is in the NFL. We love watching these guys go at it on the field and witnessing their athleticism. We also love seeing expert coaches leading their teams to victories. But, having a really cool, larger-than-life personality certainly helps. So, what players have the best personalities in the NFL right now?

Before we get to our current list, let’s look at some of the most best personalities in the NFL of all time. Bleacherreport.com has a listicle out of the players with the most colorful personalities of all time. Topping that list is Terrell Owens. “Love him or hate him, T.O. has the most colorful personality,” they state in the article. “Over his career, he’s shown all the qualities: arrogance/confidence, drama (all of 2005 in Philadelphia), excitement, unpredictably, crying (that Tony Romo press conference) and humor.” That’s a good call. Coming in at No. 2 is the legendary Joe Namath. “Who else could get away with wearing sunglasses on the sideline?” they exclaim. “With the long hair, the occasional Fu Manchu and the playboy attitude, he was the most compelling figure in sports during the late 1960s and early 1970s.”

So, what about right now? I looked at the current season and picked a range of roles, from quarterback to coach to tight end. These guys have stood out this season for either their larger-than-life personalities or situations. Also, we discuss the current NFL in the latest episode of my podcast, “The Squad with Anne Erickson,” which you can listen to below. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

  • Patrick Mahomes

    Patrick Mahomes, of course, is the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s considered the best quarterback of his era and possibly the next Tom Brady. But, aside from his skills, he also has a big personality. He has more than 6 million Instagram followers, and he posts a bunch of stuff up there, from football material to family photos.

  • Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce, the celebrated tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is pretty much the most famous guy in football this season. Yes, it’s because of his relationship with Taylor Swift. I hate to make that a reason to have him named one of the best personalities in the NFL, but heck, even without the Taylor factor, Kelce has a huge personality that people love.

  • Dan Campbell

    All eyes are on Dan Campbell this season, as the Lions all pulling off some incredible things. That’s not common for the Detroit Lions, either. But, Campbell has some of the wackiest ideas and quotes, and that makes him loveable. Remember that time he wanted a pet Lion at practices? I love this dude.

  • Bill Belichick

    Bill Belichick needs no introduction, but we’ll introduce him anyway. He’s the head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots. He’s had some rough years as of late, but nothing can take away his glimmering record. Belichick just tells it like it is. He’s incredible with strategies, and that really stands out with his coaching.

  • Jalen Hurts

    Jalen Hurts, the star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is something of a hero on the field. But, off the field, he’s known for his deep, insightful comments that show he has wisdom beyond his years. He’s a major contender and personality.

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