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ZWICKAU, GERMANY - AUGUST 23: A Chihuahua dog waits inside a Trabant 601 car as fans of the East German Trabant car gather for their 7th annual get-together on August 23, 2014 in Zwickau, Germany. Hundreds of Trabant enthusiasts arrived to spend the weekend admiring each others cars, trading stories and enjoying activities. The Trabant, dinky and small by modern standards, was the iconic car produced in former communist East Germany and today has a strong cult following. (Photo by Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images)

Dave’s dog, Clover, needs her nails trimmed! Clover is a big ball of energy, so getting her to stay still while safely cutting her nails is a dilemma for Dave. If you didn’t already know, there is a blood vessel that lives inside each of the dog’s nails, and if you cut the nail too short, you can cause your dog’s nails to bleed, creating anxiety for you and your dog.

Dave asked XTU Nation for their best tips and tricks. Here’s the advice Dave received on how to trim your pup’s nails safely!

  • Doggie Lift

    This product is made explicitly for grooming those furbabies that can’t sit still. The doggie lift is a harness system that hoists your dogs into the air. Your dog will not be able to squirm or kick once they are in the doggie lift.

  • Plastic Wrap and Peanut Butter

    One method of keeping your dog calm while you trim their nails is to distract them with peanut butter. Grab your saran wrap and wrap it around your forehead. Please do not cover your nose and mouth. After it is secured on the top of your head, slab some PB on there. Now your pup is only worrying about licking your forehead!

    For a visual reference, here is the TikTok video that started it all.

  • Just take them to a groomer!


  • Lick Mat with Peanut Butter

    A lick mat is a rubber mat that has texture on the front side and suction on the backside. Stick it to a hard surface such as a glass door, hardwood floor, or bathtub. Spread peanut butter onto the mat to keep your dog distracted while to trim their nails. For an extra treat, stick apple chunks on top of the peanut butter.

  • Corn Starch

    If your dog’s nails do start to bleed, place a bit of corn starch into a bowl and dip their paw into it. Apply pressure until bleeding stops.