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6 Ways To Calm Your Pet During Fireworks

School is out, vacations are beginning, and longer days and warmer weather are here. Can you believe we are almost halfway through the summer? That means it’s time to celebrate the Fourth of July! Whether you stay at home, by the pool, or travel to the beach, it’s impossible not to see the fireworks above in celebration of the Fourth of July.

If you’re unsure where to watch the fireworks this year, here are 7 places for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware residents to watch with family and friends.

As magical and beautiful fireworks may be, not everyone enjoys them. Many dogs fear fireworks due to the loud noises, bright lights, and unfamiliar sensations they produce. The loud bangs and booms can startle dogs and trigger anxiety or fear responses. You might not know of all the ways your pet is exhibiting anxiety. They may pant excessively, drool, tremble, pace, or seek hiding spots. They might even attempt to escape by digging, scratching doors, or jumping fences because of the loud noises. It’s a horrible sight to see from a dog owner. You want to keep your pet feeling safe and calm. We’re here to help.

Here are 6 ways to care for your pup on the Fourth of July.

  • 1. Keep Your Pet Inside

    The number one rule for dog owners during fireworks is to keep them inside. If your dog is afraid of fireworks, having them outside will cause them to panic. They might run away or hurt themselves. Walk your dog or let them outside before fireworks begin for the night.

    calm your pet during fireworks

    Christopher Furlong

  • 2. Thunder Shirt

    If a weighted blanket is meant for calming down people, then the same idea should work for dogs. A Thunder jacket or shirt can help your dog feel safe and secure during the loud noises.

    calm your pet during fireworks

    Noam Galai

  • 3. Talk To Your Vet About Medication

    If your pet gets severe anxiety during fireworks talk to your veterinarian about safe medications.

    calm your pet during fireworks

    Leon Neil

  • 4. Keep Treats Handy

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a cookie could solve all our problems? That idea might just work for your dog. Having treats handy for your scared pup will keep them distracted and happy.

    calm your pet during fireworks

    Craig Allen

  • 5. Play Music or White Noise

    Drown out the explosions out your window with music or white noise.

    My dogs are terribly afraid of fireworks. My family has tried everything to calm them down during the Fourth of July, but nothing seemed to work besides one thing – Harry Styles’ album, Harry’s House. As weird as it may sound, my dogs find Harry’s music very relaxing and distracting!

    calm your pet during fireworks

    Kevin Winter

  • 6. Snuggle Them!

    Your pup is scared! They don’t understand that the explosions outside are not dangerous, but instead a celebration. Unfortunately we cannot communicate that to them so make sure to give them a lot of reassurance through pets and snuggles.

    calm your pet during fireworks

    Joe Raedle

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