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It’s fireworks season, and you may be looking for ways to keep your pets safe and calm during fireworks. If you have pets, you know how spooked they get. The loud bangs make them super nervous, and actually more prone to running away.

It’s actually believed that Independence Day is the day with the highest rates of pets running away. Noises, flashing lights, and sometimes even the smell of fireworks are all factors that can totally freak your pet out. You really never know how your pet is going to react, either. Especially if your pet is young or new to you.

Events with loud bangs don’t happen often around your home. Thunderstorms and fireworks are so uncommon that even if your pet is older, they may still get nervous or scared. When pets get frantic due to the loud pops and bangs, they may hide, tremble, or try to escape altogether. It may be even worse for them if you leave your home to go watch fireworks nearby.

As a pet owner, you really don’t want any of that happening. You want to help your pet as much as you can.

So here are 8 ways to keep your pets safe and calm during fireworks:

  • Try Desensitizing Your Pet

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    If you bang pots and pans or make loud noises, your little buddy may get used to it. As mentioned above, fireworks aren’t a common occurrence, so it makes pets even more nervous. If you teach them to expect loud sounds every so often, they may not get as scared. So desensitize those pets!

  • Comfort Them

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    This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of times they just want love. Try not to let them cower in a corner all night. Don’t cross any boundaries with them, just speak calmly and tell them things are okay. Pet them and give them treats. Whatever they like usually!

  • Keep Them Away From Fireworks

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    If you can help it, keep them away from fireworks. Meaning, if someone in the neighborhood is setting them off, or if you live close to an area where a big event is held, maybe take them somewhere else for the night. Closely supervise them when you let them outside. Close proximity to loud sounds may make them want to run away.

  • Play White Noise

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    Some white noise may help. It will at least soften the blow of the loud pops. This works well if you have to leave your pet at home. Leave a fan, TV or radio on for them. It makes it feel like someone’s home with them while all the scariness is happening outside.

  • Make A Safe Space

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    Don’t get too upset with them for getting upset. It’s normal. Try to give them a place to go to retreat when they get frightened. If they like their bed best, try to surround it with their favorite toys and blankets. Let them cuddle with you up on the couch or on your bed.

  • Try To Distract Them

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    Giving treats or playing with toys with your pet may help to distract them from the loud bangs outside. As long as you’re calm, they’re calm. Try to assure them in a way that doesn’t heavily acknowledge the scary bad thing. Keep their mind on something else, if you can.

  • Alternative Calming Methods

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    There are products on the market that are supposed to help with your pet’s anxiety. From CBD treats to calming jackets, you can try a number of things to see what works. Some pets aren’t receptive to calming words and cuddles and may need extra help to zen out. Consider some alternative methods!

  • Make Sure They Have Proper ID

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    If you feel your pet is a flight risk, check  their ID tags. Make sure they are wearing their collars on the nights fireworks are going off. Make sure the information on their tags are up to date and correct. If they run away, you want them to be found and found quickly.

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