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Rising country music star Brandon Davis currently finds himself on the cusp of country music stardom, stardom that began to take hold when he was just a little kid with a dream. Growing up on the sounds of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, Davis spent many a day playing music and doing his best to emulate his country music playing father. But soon, reality set in, and those dreams were put on hold for a more stable job. That is, until a near-fatal accident in 2019 realigned his entire life. Today, as Davis continues to conjure up much deserved comparisons to country music powerhouse Luke Combs with songs such as “Hey Baby” and “Minus You,” the Big Yellow Dog Music artist finds himself with a BD Brigade made up of over 1.6 million followers who have went and liked his viral videos over 112.3 million times. “I’m just overwhelmingly grateful to have people out there listening to my music,” he says in a hushed tone. “Without the BD Brigade, I’d just be another guy with a guitar.” His debut album, Hearts Don’t Rust, is available now!


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    #duet with @timmcgraw always a blast jamming out with Mr. McGraw

    ♬ original sound - Tim McGraw

    My daddy always taught me that a song should tell a story and come from the heart . I’m honored to be able to share this story . I know the story isn’t easy to listen to but it reminded me not to take things for granted and that’s a lesson we all could use every now and then . One More Christmas Eve releases tonight

    ♬ original sound - Brandon Davis


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