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Another day another adorable video of Jason Kelce playing with his daughters during Eagles training camp. It’s so crazy that another NFL season is upon us and man it’s exciting. Obviously, we are still bummed we didn’t win the Super Bowl, but the release of the new Kelly Green jerseys definitely helped ease a little of the pain.

I haven’t gone back and watched the Super Bowl when the Eagles were up 10 points at halftime and still lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, but I know a lot of people have and said it still stings. I actually had the 2018 Super Bowl saved in my DVR for a few years and then something happened with my Fios and it was deleted. I’m still not over it. If you are looking to watch a little of last season, check out the new documentary on Netflix called Quarterback. It followed Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins, and former Falcons (current Eagles backup) Marcus Mariota. It’s interesting how the Eagles popped up in the documentary a few times, which was cool.

Another interesting fact is that both Nick Foles and Carson Wentz, the two quarterbacks who were responsible for taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl and winning in 2018, are not on any NFL team. Experts say that Nick Foles will probably retire, but Carson Wentz wants to play. Listen, he wasn’t great in Washington last year, but he wasn’t awful in Indianapolis. He would have been MVP in 2017 and now he’s out of the league? It’s very fascinating.

Unfortunately, we do have to prepare there’s a good chance this will be the last season with Jason Kelce, Brandon Graham, Lane Johnson, and Fletcher Cox all as Eagles. So let’s enjoy and cheer and hope for the best. In the meantime enjoy this adorable video of Jason Kelce playing with his daughters at Eagles training camp. Go Birds!

  • Jason Makes The Top 100 List

    Jason Kelce is #37 on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2023.  It made the internet feel some sort of way because alot of people are saying there is no way there are 36 players better than Jason Kelce in the NFL. I do always wonder if these lists are just to make a buzz for the upcoming season. Lane Johnson is #18, the first Eagle on the list.


  • Jason Kelce Is Teaching The Younger Players

    Even though it’s hard to talk about, we have to prepare that this might be Jason Kelce’s last season as an Eagle. Jason was part of the process in drafting Cam Jurgens to take his place when he does retire. Jason wants to make sure the Eagles are left in good hands and he really took Cam under his wing.

  • Jason Isn't Afraid to Show Emotion

    The Eagles release this clip of Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and a few other players talking to the team before the Super Bowl. If you listen/watch Jason’s podcast New Heights with his brother Travis, you know that both Jason and Travis are not afraid to cry and show their emotions.  Jason and Travis have also talked about going to therapy and how much it has helped.

  • Fox29's Breland Moore Snapped the Cutest Pic

    Our own Philly girl Breland Moore from Fox29 was at Novacare for Eagles Training Camp today and snapped the cutest pic of Jason on the field with his little girls.  You can tell he loves being a dad.  Just so cute how they have no idea how cool their dad is.

  • Jason Kelce Ultimate Girl Dad

    How adorable is this video.  Jason Kelce is laying on the ground while his two daughters Wyatt and Elliott run for the football and bring it back to dad.  It’s so cute when Wyatt drops the football on his belly. Ha.  Such a sweet moment.

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