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WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA - AUGUST 29: Gavin Ulin #3 of Team Michigan pitches in the fifth inning of the 2021 Little League World Series game against Team Ohio at Howard J. Lamade Stadium on August 29, 2021 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

This is by far the sweetest thing you will see today and maybe see all year. Moments like this remind us that some things are just bigger than sports.

It was only the first inning of the game, the Southwest Regional Championship in the Little League World Series and the pitcher for Texas East, he lost control of the ball. Kaiden Shelton hit Isaiah Jarvis in the head with a pitch.

Fortunately, Jarvis was wearing a helmet. He hit the ground grabbing his head. After a brief period of time, he got up and walked down to first base.

The pitcher, Shelton, was extremely shaken up by the ordeal. Obviously, he didn’t mean to hit the young opponent in the head but that’s what happened. In fact, this even happens in the major leagues and some pitchers have trouble getting over it.

After reaching first base safely, Jarvis then shouted over to the pitcher to tell him that he’s okay and that it will all be fine. He wasn’t able to shout loud enough to get the attention of the distraught pitcher so he left his base and went to go talk to him.

The crowd erupted into applause with the display of sportsmanship that was on hand, both sets of parents should be very proud of the young men that they raised. Shortly after the brief conversation with the pitcher who had his face buried in his glove, his coach arrived at the mound.

The coach assured him that he’s alright and that he’s going to be alright. The display of sportsmanship is nothing short of beautiful and something maybe our professional players should take notes on, wouldn’t you agree.

Here’s the video plus reactions from some people on social media that all felt so inspired, they just had to chime in.

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