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It’s back to school time! And that means so is the stress of sending you kid into school with a good lunch that he or she will actually eat. It’s easy (when you actually remember to make lunch) to fill a lunch box with food that is good for your child, but you’ve got to be some sort of miracle worker to get him or her to eat all that good-for-you-stuff, especially when the kids around your child are eating junk.

I’m going to share with you some of the things that have worked for me in the past, as well as some ideas I wish I had.

Bon Appetit!

  • 1. Set an Alarm

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    Oh, it’s just me? No. I don’t believe that. When my kids went to school with their pretty little lunches, I never let the other moms know that I would REGULARLY forget to put their lunches together. So I set an alarm on my phone for 8pm every week day. I chose a time I knew I wouldn’t be in the middle of something where I wouldn’t be able make those lunches immediately (like in the middle of making or eating dinner, or too close to bedtime).

  • No Sandwich? No Sweat!

    My kids don’t like sandwiches. It’s frustrating. But I was able to create a fun way for them to eat their lunches without ever seeing a sandwich. What they did see was all the things that make up a sandwich, tucked into tidy little cubbies or in cupcake cups. Like this mama …

  • Kabob? No Prob!

    If you want to change things up a bit, go out and buy a pack of those skinny stirrers – you might use yours for coffee, I use mine to hold the olives in my martinis.

  • Fro-Yo for the Win!

    My kiddos used to be ADDICTED to those yogurt tubes, so for lunch I would freeze the tube and pop it in their lunch before they went to school. It acted like a little cooler pack and stayed cold until lunch. Just watch for the brain-freeze!

  • Fill Your Cup(cake)

    If your kids are on the creative side, or you just want to have some fun with food, try baking sandwich-fixings into cupcakes or other fun shapes. I used to make breakfast cups for my fam (ham, egg, cheese, in a crust of bread) to make breakfast easy for them since I’m at work before anyone wakes up. They work well for lunch, too!

  • And here are some of those lucious breakfast cupcakes.