The Andie Summers Show

We had an insane time with Damian Miller getting our past life regression. We learned more about ourselves than ever before and now we are giving you the opportunity to do the same!

You can see Andie, Jeff, Donnie, and Shannon’s videos of their past life regressions below!

What Is A Past Life Regression?

According to our friend Damian, it is the experience of unlocking the unconscious mind to learn more about either a previous life you led or more about your inner self. It’s a really amazing opportunity for you or somebody you love and there’s a deal going on right now!

Join us as we welcome Damian Miller, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Philadelphia located on Main st in Manayunk. Through his practice, Damian provides all-natural, non-medical solutions to help clients achieve freedom, peace, and ease in their health, wealth, and relationships. His transformative sessions can help you stop self-sabotage and break through whatever is holding you back from greater success.

Upcoming Event For XTU Nation

Damian is hosting an upcoming Past Life Regression Masterclass happening this Sunday, October 22nd at 11 a.m. You can register online for just $47 or use the code ‘WXTU’ for a discounted price of $27 just visit This virtual workshop will be an illuminating journey into your past lives just like the hosts. If you have questions about how hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals, book a free 30-minute consultation with Damian.

You’ll identify why you’re stuck tap into a vision of success and leave with a clear plan to move forward. In-person, via phone, or Zoom. Learn more and view Damian’s upcoming weekly and monthly classes and workshops. This is a unique opportunity to work with a master hypnotherapist right here in Philadelphia!

Damian Miller Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 215-839-8056, Hypnotherapy Philadelphia Free 30 min consultation.

  • Here's Andie, Who Was Brought Back To A Simpler Time

    This was kind of crazy to think about, how easily she was put into a trance and how quickly she was transported. Keep in mind, this was about a 40-minute experience edited down to this video.

  • Here's Jeff Kurkjian's, Things Got Kinda Dark

    Jeff became a dad in August of this year but, it seems like a past life of his had a very sad ending. Very tough and sad to watch.


  • Donnie's Past Life Is Here For The Party

    Donnie loves to hit up his local pub and in a past life, well it was the same to a certain degree. Hopefully his wife doesn’t watch and get mad!

  • Shannon Unlocked Something Pretty Huge

    It was amazing to see this. Even though she didn’t land on anything in a past life, similar to Andie she revisited something from her past, learned from her and that allowed her to move on.

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