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We had some busy weekends on The Andie Summers Show! Check out our photos below but first, keep in mind what we have for you on the show this week!

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  • Andie Summers' nephew stole the show at his sister's baptism.

    My niece Kim and her husband Wes celebrated the birth of their second little cutie Selena over the weekend when she was baptized. It happened to be their church’s picnic weekend, so the church service and baptism took place outside, under a pavilion. Their pastor recently had knee surgery, so she was immobile, but made it out to take care of little Selena and her brother Colton. Colton is only 2 and had a hard time staying focused (duh) but this pastor handled him beautifully, inviting him to take part in the ceremony. I’m on the other side of the camera, but you know I was crying …

    Oh. One more thing. The water used to baptize Selena came from the house Kim grew up in, the house Wes grew up in, and holy water from the Jordan River. I think Selena is set up to change the world!

  • Jeff Gets Historic!

    Over the weekend, I went to tour Independence Hall (for the second time this year) just because I love history so much!

    Independence Hall

    You can check out ALL of my photos from the tour here!

    We also swung by Love Park and got a couple snaps there.

    Love Park

    And then, you might’ve heard it on the air, but here’s me spoiling my dog at Ocean City.

    Pirate Wagon

  • Donnie Takes His Wife Shopping For Her Birthday

    I created a list of things for my wife and I to do for her birthday. One of the things on the list was to go shopping at any stores of her choosing. We stopped at Ulta Beauty which is a beauty salon company that sells all thing cosmetics.

    I noticed some very odd items at the store. What in the world??
    Donnie - Weekend

  • Shannon FINALLY bought a kitchen table

    Yes, I’ve been living without a kitchen table for two months! I’ve been searching Facebook marketplace for the perfect table when I finally stumbled across this beauty. I have my walrus mug filled with flowers as my centerpiece.
    The Andie Summers's Show