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He is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.  Tom Brady celebrates his 45th birthday today.  It is amazing that this dude is still playing in the league and playing at such a high level.  Hats off to the G.O.A.T.

But… This is Eagles territory and we dislike the Patriots and we dislike Tom Brady.  The Eagles suffered a defeat to Tom Brady and his Patriots in Super Bowl 39 and afterward the Patriots were punished for spying on teams aka “Spy-Gate.” This made our hate for the Patriots enormous!!!

Well, fast forward 13 years and the birds got their redemption beating those darn Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

The Eagles and Tom Brady had some pretty epic moments and we are going to focus on those… Well, some of those.  Here is a list of the best Eagles moments against Mr. Tom Brady.

  • T.O. Plays In Super Bowl With Broken Leg

    This was unthinkable.  After breaking his leg just 7 weeks prior… Terrell Owens went out and balled out in Super Bowl 39.  Okay, it didn’t end the way we wanted it to but it was amazing to watch TO do what he did.

  • Malcolm Jenkin's 100 Yard Pick 6

    The Eagles stunned the Patriots in 2015.  The Eagles were 4-7 heading into a game against the 10-1 Patriots.  Huge underdogs and the Eagles took it to them. The Pats were driving to take the lead midway through the 3rd quarter and Malcolm Jenkins came up with a huge pick that was THE game changer!


  • Malcolm Jenkins Lays Down The Hammer On Brandin Cooks

    This was a big momentum shift in the game.  A big hit on a big time skill position will get your defense and the crowd fired up. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt and that is what happened during this play.

  • Tom Brady Drops Wide Open Pass In Super Bowl

    Right before Nick Foles and the Eagles pulled off the epic “Philly Special…” Tom Brady dropped a pass during a very similar play.

  • Derek Barnett bullies Tom Brady

    So Derek Barnett has been a headache for all Eagles fans with his untimely penalties but we didn’t mind when he bullies Tom on this play.

  • Alshon Goes Up & Gets It

    Alshon Jeffery was a huge signing in the offseason.  Going into Super Bowl 52, Alshon had a bum shoulder but he still managed to make a spectacular TD catch on the biggest stage!

  • The Philly Special

    Nick Foles was really feeling himself during the Super Bowl.  He was oozing confidence and coach Doug Pederson had all the confidence in the world in his quarterback.  They went out and called a trick play that was a huge part in winning Super Bowl 52.

  • Foles Throws Bomb To Corey Clement

    Foles drops a dime right in Corey Clement’s lap.

  • Foles To Ertz To Take The Lead

    This ended up being the game winning score after they reviewed the play 100 times.  It was a TD from the start and it finished as a TD.  Take that BRADY!

  • The Biggest Sack Fumble In Eagles History

    Brandon Graham!!!  What a play by the fan favorite.

  • The Final Play Of Super Bowl 52

    The Eagles are up by 8 with 9 seconds left.  No lead is safe when Tom Brady has the football in his hands with time left on the clock in a 1 score game. The Pats have to go 50 yards and then convert a 2 point conversion.  We all know what happened next but let’s watch it anyway!

  • The Eagles Win Super 52!

    It FINALLY happened!!! Let the party begin!