We had a lot of amazing Minute To Win it contestants from 2021, but there were a few that really stuck out to us. Some were really close to winning $1,000 and others… not so much. We hope to hear from all of our contestants in 2022 to redeem themselves!

Here are our favorite Minute To Win It contestants from 2021:

  • Leilani from Pipersville

    Leilani was super excited to test her knowledge and win $1,000!

  • Andrew from Princeton

    Andrew always knows how to put a smile on our faces!

  • Iris from West Philly

    As a father to 5 kids, Iris really wants to win $1,000!

  • Mary from Delaware

    Mary may not know much about Nevada, but she does know all about Montana!

  • Jim from Malvern

    Jim says he will quit his job if he wins Minute To Win It.

  • Lauren from Warrington

    Lauren has a little helper with her, and he is obviously so excited to be on the radio.

  • Jackie from Voorhees

    Take it from Jackie, Minute To Win It is a lot harder than it seems.

  • Mike from Trevose

    Mike came so close to winning $1,000 this time. Mike redeemed himself a few weeks later and was our only October winner!

  • Brendan from Berwyn

    Brendan answered all the answers in one try, but unfortunately Simon Cowell is not a current judge on American Idol.