The Andie Summers Show

Luke Bryan headlines Friday August 12

We’re all really looking forward to seeing Luke Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Dierks Bentley, and the rest of the amazing artists coming to Tidal Wave Fest this weekend. But preparing for a three day festival on the beach is much different than heading to an evening concert.
We asked for your best hacks for having an enjoyable, safe weekend, and you didn’t disappoint!

  • Bandana

    My dad taught me to always have a bandana on me. You can get it wet and use it as a cooling towel, a bandage if you cut yourself, a hair-tie, the possibilities are endless!

  • Something Neon

    I know you’re not 6-years-old, but it doesn’t hurt to make yourself stand out in the crowd in the event you or someone you’re with gets turned around. Wear something with a bright color or noticeable so you’re easy to find.

  • Sun Screen!

    Sunscreen is a must – but don’t bring aerosol, that’s not permitted. Jennifer says Supergoop! is the best because it lasts for hours.

  • Baby Powder

    Baby powder is a great hack for getting sand off your skin! Keep a bottle in your car so you can leave that sand in Atlantic City.

  • Hydrate!

    You’re probably sick of people talking about how important it is to be well hydrated, but what I have to keep reminding my kiddos is that being hydrated isn’t just about drinking a lot of water on the day of the event. You should start hydrating days in advance.

  • Power Up!

    You should invest in a great power pack for your phone. There are no outlets in the sand.

  • Protect Your Moolah!

    I like to think that all country music fans are kind and generous, but there may be an errant concert-goer who is up to no good. Make sure you have money on your body that can’t be swiped. Think money-belt under your clothes.

  • Band-Aids

    You never know. They don’t take up space. Have some just in case.

  • Ear plugs

    You’ll never get sick of country music, but it might get loud after a while. Protect your ears.

  • Tissues/TP

    Don’t count on toilet paper being plentiful. Plan ahead.

  • Wet Wipes/Hand Sanitizer

    I prefer wipes to the liquid hand sanitizer because I feel like they work better at scrubbing the gross off.

  • Peppermint

    Denise had a great idea of taking a small bottle of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint offers cooling properties, so if you dab a little on your pulse points (inside of wrists, behind knees, back of neck), not only will you smell terrific, it could make you feel a little cooler, too.

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