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Let me start this out by saying this is entirely my opinion and you can do whatever you’d like (I may judge you but in all honesty… who cares?) Is there anything better than playoff football especially when the Birds are good… And the birds are REALLY good!

They are in the NFC Championship for the 7th time since 2001.

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2017, and now 2022/23.  Jeffrey Lurie has done a heck of a job turning a lackluster franchise into a top-tier franchise.

I’ve had many football jerseys in my life… Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Brian Dawkins, Troy Vincent, LeSean McCoy… My wife bought me a Carson Wentz jersey but that’s no good anymore and I won a Devonta Smith jersey.  I have not worn that jersey yet and don’t plan it… Not because I don’t like Devonta Smith (he’s one of my favorite players).  I just have some rules that I think people should abide by when wearing jerseys. Personally, I don’t think you should wear a jersey past the age of 29.

Below is a list of do’s and don’ts of football jersey etiquette.

  • Do: Wear An Eagles Jersey During Eagles Game

    Of course.  Wear the jersey proudly on Game Day!!!!

  • Don't: Wear A Jersey On Non-Game Days

    Only wear the jersey on game day.  It just looks weird to wear a jersey when your team isn’t playing.

  • Do: Wear A Player That Is Currently Playing For The Team

    I think wearing another team’s jersey is a violation.

  • Don't: Wear A Former Player's Jersey If They Are Playing For Another Team

    My Carson Wentz jersey is basically no good.  I have a Brian Dawkins jersey and I stopped wearing it when he played for the Broncos.  It’s totally acceptable to wear it now though.

  • Do: Wear A Player's Shirsey

    Shirsey’s are totally acceptable.  If you don’t know what a Shirsey is, it’s a t-shirt/jersey.

  • Don't: Wear A Player's Jersey If They Are Younger Than You

    I find it weird when I see a grown man wearing a player’s jersey who is half their age.  I don’t know why but it’s weird.  Like for me, I never wore the Wentz jersey.  He is like 15 years younger than me and honestly I don’t really like wearing another man’s name on my back anymore.  Not a big jersey guy but If I was, I would stick with Dawkins, Troy Vincent, Trotter, Reggie White, Carmichael, or Cunningham.

  • Don't: Wear A Phillies Or Another Sport's Jersey To An Eagles Game

    I get if you don’t have that team’s jersey, but go out and get an Eagles t-shirt or better yet… Just wear something green.  Don’t be the guy that shows up in a Bryce Harper jersey or an Embiid jersey.  It’s just weird.  A Phillies hat is totally acceptable. The only time this was acceptable is when the Phillies were on their World Series run. Still kinda weird tho.

  • Do: Wear A Current Or Former Player's College Jersey

    College jerseys are pretty cool because they are rare.  Still have to abide by the “No jerseys if the guy is younger than you policy.”


  • Don't: Wear The Eagles Blue & Yellow Jersey

    The Throwback to 1934 jerseys are awful.  The Birds wore them in 2007 and they looked terrible. I want to say that was the game against the Lions and Kevin Curtis(remember him?) had 3 TD’s that day.  Don’t wear the jersey, it’s gross.

  • Don't: Put Tape Over A Former Player's Name And Write In The New Player

    I remember this happened alot when T.O. left, every one  changed their “Owens” jerseys to “Avant” jerseys.

    Everyone changed their “Wentz” to “Brown” as well.  Just stop it.

  • Don't: Wear A Customized Jersey

    Don’t put your own last name on a jersey… You didn’t play for the team, it’s odd.  Stop it!

  • Don't: Tuck Your Jersey In

    This isn’t a formal occasion. You look ridiculous.  Brush your teeth and go to bed.

  • Don't: Wear A Jersey That Is Autographed

    This is something that should be displayed, not worn.

  • Don't: Wear A Super Tight Jersey

    Always go one size up when buying a jersey.  They are supposed to fit loose and not show off the guns… You are not Brian Dawkins and don’t need to look intimidating.

  • Do: Wear A T-Shirt Underneath The Jersey

    This is totally okay and personally, you should always do this.

  • Don't: Wear A Helmet, Wristbands, Shoulder Pads

    You were a backup linebacker in high school… You aren’t getting any PT for the Birds.