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Every single week, Donnie calls a random business in hopes of a miracle. He ends every conversation with “Love You, Man!” The idea is that if he wears these men down just enough, maybe they say “love you too” but quite frankly, that rarely happens.

Donnie’s “Love You, Man” On 92.5 XTU

Donnie is our “love muffin” on The Andie Summers Show, and he’s got the moves to prove it.

Donnie Tries His Hardest To Make It Happen

Every single Tuesday, it’s your opportunity to hear a brand new one from Donnie, the producer of The Andie Summers Show. No, it’s not really related to the great movie, “I Love You, Man” starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

Premiere Of Dreamworks' "I Love You, Man" - Arrivals

WESTWOOD, CA – MARCH 17: Actors Jason Segel Paul Rudd arrive at the Dreamworks’ premiere of “I Love You, Man” held at Mann’s Village Theater on March 17, 2009 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

How Often Is He Successful?

Well, we don’t have any official statistics on this one but we believe he gets a positive response probably one out of every fifteen times he makes his calls on The Andie Summers Show.

He calls everyone from gas stations to clothing stores, banks to bars, landscaping businesses to laser tag, he’s really called them all at this point. How does he come up with a place to call? Here’s what he told us.

“Honestly, I look around my surroundings in the office. I’ll see a trash can, I will call a waste management place. I’m having trouble with my computer, I will call an IT please. Someone says the word ‘pool,’ BOOM, I will call a pool store.”

But there’s also something else he does to find good calls to make.

“Let’s say the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, I would call a Kansas City sporting goods and ask them if they have Birds gear. That didn’t make too many people happy, I didn’t get a good response HA!”

Let’s take a listen to his most hilarious one yet!

  • Donnie Calls An IT Store

    He claims that someone has messed with his computer and made the screen go upside down. Little does he know, the man on the other end has an EASY fix for him. But that man has no idea what is about to happen to him!

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