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Yesterday was my 5 year Anniversary of when I proposed to my now wife Michelle.  I completely forgot that yesterday was the Anniversary of the day and the show was getting on me about.  Is this a date that needs to be remembered?  I thought just Valentine’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, and our wedding Anniversary were days I needed to remember.  Do I also need to remember our dating anniversary?  I actually remember that one because it is 1 month before my birthday.  October 26th… I believe it was 2013.  I could be wrong.

Well, on July 13th, 2017… I was working for another Beasley radio station in Philly called 95.7 BEN FM.  The morning show had the opportunity to do a stage intro before Cheap Trick came on stage.  I worked with the concert promoters, the tour managers, and the bands to get a few minutes to grab a mic and propose to my girlfriend.  I told her that our morning show needed someone to hold a camera and record the morning show doing the introductions from the stage prospective.  That was how I got her on the stage with us.  I had a video play with myself, my mom, her mom, and my jeweler at the jewelry store picking out the ring.  That played and then I proceeded to get on one knee and propose.

You can watch the full video below(Sorry for the angle of the video)

Addressing the crowd at the Summer Bender

Posted by 95.7 BEN FM on Thursday, July 13, 2017

And a different angle of the video below:

Congratulations to Donnie Black from 95.7 BEN FM with his now finance. Ring by Barry Verragio and Family & Co. Jewelers. #WHAAATTT! #romance #SummerBender 💕💍

Posted by Family & Co. Jewelers on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Check out some different photos of the day and also some photos of the wedding below.  This post should get me out of the dog house for not remembering my engagement anniversary.

  • The moment of truth.... (Please say yes!!!)


  • Picking out the perfect ring


  • The newly engaged couple


  • It's official. Marriage certificate - check.


  • It's going down!


  • We did it!


  • The happy newlyweds