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Could you imagine all of your hard work just going to waste after some TERRIBLE people just decided to be jerks? That’s what happened to Carly Burd, a mom who has dedicated her garden to feeding others. The GoFundMe for garden repair is just blowing up all over the place, making us all smile.

Her Garden Was Completely Destroyed

Last November, a British woman began sharing her charitable effort on TikTok and now TikTok has come to her rescue. Carly Burd took to the platform in tears to explain that the garden where she grows food for the needy was sabotaged and destroyed. Someone poured salt all over it and effectively killed the crop.

I mean, really? Who takes the time to just be a bad person?? It doesn’t make any sense. The good thing is, people wanted to come to her rescue and BOY did the internet react in the best way possible. We talked about it during our Cup o’ Joy story.

She Just Wants To Help People

She’s been taking her harvest and giving it to those in need and now this sets her back. Now Burd’s “A Meal on Me with Love” fundraiser has been flooded with donations by TikTokers along with support and advice since the sabotage. Burd’s initial goal for help to rebuild was $4-thousand, but it has gone over $185-thousand!

The gardener thanked everyone, saying “I’m absolutely overwhelmed by everyone’s comments and everything,” she said. “I really do appreciate it — thank you.” She also gave an update on the garden; she was able to dig up a lot of the salt and plans to cover it with topsoil to neutralize it.

If you find it within yourself to contribute to the GoFundMe for garden repair, you can click the link here and contribute whatever amount you feel you can do!

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