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We are getting all fired up for the Eagles Championship game this Sunday against the 49ers. All anyone can talk about is that the Birds are back in the Championship game for the 7th time since 2001.  We have ourselves a great team!

It’s Donnie and I’m all jacked up on sports right now that I’m going list crazy! Check out my list of the  Most Hated Athletes.

We have seen some of the greatest players here in Philly and we have ben treated to some great nicknames… Whether the fans created them, the player created it themselves, or somebody else gave it to them, Philly has not at a loss for athletes with cool nicknames.

Let’s take a look at some of the best…

  • Freddie Mitchell

    This guy created all of his nicknames and they are all FANTASTIC!!!

    Fred-Ex (he always delivers), First Down Freddie, The People’s Champ, Hollywood, Sultan of Slot, Fast Freddie, Mr. 4th & 26, Move The Chains, Money Mitch.

  • Julius Erving

    This nickname has to be at the top of the list. Dr. J!!!

  • Dave Schultz

    “The Hammer” is a perfect name for this guy!

  • Darryl Dawkins

    “Chocolate Thunder!!!””

  • Charles Barkley

    Sir Charles, The Round Mound of Rebound.  Both great nicknames!

  • Joel Embiid

    Joel… “The Process…” Embiid!!

  • Allen Iverson

    AI. The Answer.  Boom!

  • Brian Dawkins

    Weapon X. B-Dawk.  Call him whatever you want, he’s amazing!

  • Jeremiah Trotter

    The Axe Man.

  • Donovan McNabb

    Easy Nickname.  He just goes by “5”

  • Bernard Hopkins

    “The Executioner”

  • Wilt Chamberlain

    “The Big Dipper” and “Wilt The Stilt” are both suitable nicknames.

  • Ryan Howard

    “The Big Piece”

  • Shane Victorino

    This one could be my favorite.  “The Flyin’ Hawaiin”

  • Chuck Bednarik

    Concrete Charlie.  Great name!

  • Lenny Dykstra

    He went by “Nails” and “The Dude”

  • Pat Burrell

    “Pat The Bat”

  • Tom Gordon

    Flash Gordon was the man when he was in Philly!

  • Cole Hamels

    Ryan Howard created this name for Cole.  “Hollywood”

  • Brad Lidge

    “Lights Out” Lidge was a perfect piece to 2008!

  • Roy Halladay

    Dude was a complete stud.  “Doc” Halladay made a major impact here in Philly.

  • Frank McGraw Jr

    Honestly, I had to look this one up because I really thought “Tug” was his first name.

  • Darren Daulton

    My favorite baseball player growing up!!  Who didn’t love “Dutch?”

  • Greg Luzinksi

    “The Bull”

  • Gary Matthews

    I kinda miss “Sarge” in the booth.

  • Pete Rose

    Charlie Hustle was a great nickname for him!

  • Mitch Williams

    Wild Thing… You make my heart sing!

  • Richie Ashburn


  • Jimmy Rollins


  • Steve Carlton

    His nickname was simple.  “Lefty”

  • Carlos Ruiz

    One of the best in Philly sports history.  “Chooch!”

  • LeSean McCoy

    Who didn’t love “Shady”

  • Jalen Mills

    He dyed his hair green and went by “The Green Goblin”

  • Ron Jaworski


  • Reggie White

    The Minister Of Defense

  • Nick Foles


  • Andrew Toney

    The Boston Strangler

  • Eric Lindros, John LeClair, Mikael Renberg

    One of the best nicknames for a hockey line ever… The Legion of Doom!

  • Joe Frazier

    A boxing icon known as Smokin’ Joe.

  • Gary Maddox

    The 7-time Gold Glove Winner earned his nickname “The Secretary of Defense.”

  • Lloyd Bernand Free

    The former Sixer loved his nickname so much that he permanently changed his name to “World B. Free”

  • Joe Bryant

    Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant’s dad had a great nickname with “Jellybean” Joe Bryant.

  • Billy Cunningham

    He could jump out the building so of course his nickname would be “The Kangaroo Kid”

  • The Mid-70's Flyers

    The legendary “Broad Street Bullies!”

  • Brian Westbrook

    Everyone loved “B-West”

  • Ron Hextall

    Every hockey player I feel like puts a “y” on the end of everyone’s name. So “Hexy” works well.

  • Larry Anderson

    He goes by his initials. LA

  • Scott Hartnell

    Hartsy and Bird Dog.