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Carrie Underwood performs onstage during the 2018 CMA Music festival at Nissan Stadium on June 8, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Do you agree with these top gym pet peeves?

Would Carrie Underwood stop a work out because someone is playing their music too loudly?
Would Tim McGraw call it quits, for any reason, before he burned 14,000 calories?

If you get annoyed by other people at the gym who seem to think they own the place, you’re definitely not alone.

I’m sure Tim and Carrie would, too, if they were regular stiffs like us and had to actually buy a membership and work out with the uncleaned.

As a matter of fact, gym goers who are super inconsiderate have actually caused about a third of good natured gym-goers, like you and me, to stop working out at their gym altogether. That’s according to new research by Barbend fitness experts who surveyed one thousand Americans to find out what happens at the gym that is the most irritating. What bothers them the most? Whether you hit the machines, go for the classes, or just head to the fitness center to chat or to check it off your list, I’m sure you will be able to relate to at least one of these gripes – if not all of them!

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  • Don't let these pet peeves stop you from your goals!

  • Not cleaning the equipment

    Topping the list of most annoying habits is not wiping down and cleaning machines, mats, etc. More than two-thirds (69%) of respondents say they don’t want to use equipment after someone else sweats on it and doesn’t bother to clean it off afterward.

  • Coming to the gym when you're sick. BLEH!

    Some people seem to forget that we’re still dealing with a worldwide pandemic, not to mention all the other viruses and germs out there, and they still show up to workout when they’re sick. If you’re sneezing, coughing or feeling sick in any way, skip the gym for the sake of everyone else.

  • Machine hogs

    These folks seem oblivious to the fact that they’re monopolizing a piece of equipment while others are patiently waiting to use it. And for 50% of those surveyed, machine hogs are the worst.

  • Listening to music ... WITHOUT HEADPHONES! (are ya kidding me?!)

    Lots of people at the gym love listening to music, but most of them are considerate enough to use headphones during their sweat sesh.

  • Not putting stuff away

    Some gym-goers don’t bother putting equipment away when they’re finished using it and that grinds on the nerves of 46% of respondents.

  • Bad manners

    This includes staring, unwelcome flirting, unnecessary grunts and noises and bringing unsupervised kids to the gym. And if everyone would just stop doing these things, it would be a more pleasant workout experience for everyone at the gym.