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Last week, Election Day to be exact, Squiggy went missing.
Squiggy is a rooster who calls Funny Farm Rescue in May’s Landing, NJ home.
He is a beloved member of the Funny Farm community and his care-takers are desperate to get him back. On their Facebook page, Funny Farm posts:

Do you hear a new rooster in your neighborhood? It could be Squiggy.
So many kids, people and animals miss him and are so sad. But none as much as his wife and new little babies. Squiggy is a new dad.
Please bring him home. The whole world loves this little rooster more than words can ever say. He had the happiest life here at the Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary.
$2000 cash reward. No questions asked.
Earlier in the week they posted:
We are asking for everyone’s help in finding Little Squiggy. We have an anonymous donor who is donating $500 for the reward and another anonymous donor who is matching it. Another donor put in $200. More people are donating as we speak. Thank you for your love kindness and support. Squiggy is an important part of the Funny Farm family.