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Have you ever wondered what each state’s favorite drunk foods are? This awesome study by reveals just that.

The drunk munchies are real. You know, that feeling when you drink too much, and you simply MUST eat food. You get in your Uber or opt to walk, to the nearest open place to eat. Usually, you get fries, pizza, chicken tenders, or things of the like. You just want something quick, fried, and delicious. Something salty, rich, and super-satiating. It’s one of the best-drunk experiences ever!

The team at Online-Casinos surveyed people who get drunk rather often to determine what foods they turn to in order to satisfy drunk cravings. They asked people across the U.S. and Canada. It’s actually pretty enlightening to see which states go for what.

The most popular drunk food across the board: burgers. But, that option doesn’t seem to be Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania’s go-to.

So, what are our go-to’s? What is the ultimate drunk food in each of the Delaware Valley states? What makes us tick? It’s actually more interesting than you’d think. You wouldn’t guess Pennsylvania’s at all, I presume. Let’s see, though.

Here are the Delaware Valley’s favorite drunk foods:

  • Delaware

    Mozzarella Sticks

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    Mozzarella sticks.

    They’re crispy. They’re cheesy. They’re greasy. They’re a drunk person’s dream. This is a really sensible choice. You also don’t havwe to go anywhere to get these necessarily. You can just throw some frozen ones in the oven/air fryer at home! They’re easily accessible and oh-so good for the drunk munchies.

  • New Jersey

    New Report Finds Chinese Restaurant Food Unhealthy

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    Chinese food.

    Of course! This makes a ton of sense. With takeout Chinese restaurants open pretty late, of course people hit them up for some drunk snacking. The food is super super filling and very oily. It’s a good hangover preventer. You may need an antacid in the morning depending upon how much you eat, though.

  • Pennsylvania

    Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One - Oktoberfest hosted by Andrew Zimmern

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    Now this is a huge surprise. But like with any list, we as Philadelphians have to remember that there is more to Pennsylvania than our area. Apparently they’re doing some crazy things west of us. Like eating pierogies as drunk food. I would think pizza, but that’s fine. Honestly, it’s not a bad choice. Oily, filling, and super yummy.

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