The Andie Summers Show

Have you ever been told, “you look so familiar?” It happens to some people all the time. Take Jeff, for example. Jeff Kurkjian from The Andie Summers Show is always compared to Jake Gyllenhaall, Aaron Rodgers, Nick Siriani. (see photos below and you decide)

But this story goes one step further. There are a couple of guys who not only look just like each other, they have the same name. The Brady Feigls are both 6-foot-4, both red-heads, both wear glasses, both sport beards, and both pitchers for minor league baseball teams. They look so similar, their respective teams have actually used the wrong photos and tags when talking about them in the media (social or otherwise).

The biggest problem having a “twin” in the business came when they both suffered the same injury six months apart, and went to the same doctor. He called one Brady Feigl to make sure he was coming in for surgery only to find out THAT Brady Feigl had already the surgery, it’s the OTHER Brady Feigl he is looking for.

Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl had enough. They actually took a DNA test to see if they are actually long lost brothers separated at birth. And they found out … No. They’re not.

According to the New York Post:

The Feigls may not be the only two out there who are two identical strangers — an August 2022 study of 32 pairs by Cell Reports found that people who look alike yet are not related share genetic similarities.

In the study, researchers asked the doubles to do a DNA test and fill out a questionnaire about their lives, according to CNN. The scientists performing the work also put the doppelgängers’ images through three different facial recognition programs.

“Genomics clusters them together, and the rest sets them apart,” said senior author Manel Esteller of the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain

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