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You may have heard a new voice on The Andie Summers Show over the past few weeks… His name is Jeff Kurkjian.  He is brand new to Philly having previously lived in Las Vegas for a number of years.

The rest of The Andie Summers Show came up with an idea to have Jeff familiarize himself with the city of Philadelphia in a really cool well.  We know Philly people especially Philly sports fans are passionate about their sports teams (Go Birds!) and their city and we went our good buddy Jeff to fit in…

We came up with “The Philly Card…” where XTU Nation chimes in and tells Jeff the best spots to hit in the Delaware Valley.  It can be landmarks, beaches, cheese steak spots, bars, venues, tailgates, a store, a certain view.

Once Jeff completes all of the items on board, he receives his “Philly Card!”

Let us know what you think Jeff should do next below:

  • 1} Visit The Liberty Bell

    Jeff - Liberty Bell

    I tried to touch it but I almost got arrested in the process.

  • 2) Take In A Phillies Game


    I met up with two friends that both went to Syracuse University, Jonathan Hoster and Andrew Laver.

  • 3) Run The Rocky Steps

    Jeff on the steps

    I was EXHAUSTED!!

  • 4) Pose With The Rocky Statue

    Jeff and Emily Kurkjian

    The line was out the door so a selfie will do!

  • 5) Hang At The Philadelphia Zoo

    I checked it out on a beautiful (but hot) Thursday afternoon!

    Philly Zoo

    I also hung out with Emily’s best friend’s daughter, Arya! How CUTE!

    Jeff and Arya

    She had a blast!! See the rest of my photos here!

  • 6) Get Stuck In Rush Hour Traffic

    My first experiment with traffic was actually with our very own Donnie so at least I was totally entertained.

    Jeff Kurkjian

  • 7) Eat A TastyKake!

    I believe I’ve had one before but NEVER as a Philadelphia resident so I had to take another run at it! Here I am purchasing, so pumped.

    Jeff Kurkjian

    After 2 out of the 3, I got a little full and put the final one in the fridge to enjoyed later!

    Jeff Kurkjian

  • 8) Go Down Tha Shore

    Thanks to the suggestions of XTU Nation, I was able to land on visiting Ocean City, NJ over the weekend to check another thing off of my Philly Card list.

    Ocean City, NJ

    Don’t tell anyone that I brought my pup along in a secret wagon!!

    Pirate In Wagon

  • 9) Visit Love Park

    I took full advantage of having my wife’s best friend in town who wanted to hit all of these awesome spots in order to see them for myself (and document it!)

    Love Park

  • 10) Party at Parx Casino

    Jeff and Shannon happened to be down the street when visiting Bensalem and popped in to see what Parx Casino was all about. SO COOL!

    Parx Casino

  • 11) Go To An Eagles Game

    Well it may have been a preseason game, but it counts!!

    Eagles Preseason

    Check out the rest of the photos from the game here.

  • 12) Take On Tidal Wave Festival In Atlantic City

    WOW, what an incredible weekend. We had a chance to interview HardyLindsey Ell and Elvie Shane before the Saturday headliner, Morgan Wallen. Check out all of the photos!

    Here’s The Andie Summers Show hanging out!

    Team At Tidal

    Plus Jeff, his wife Emily and childhood friend Kyle and his girlfriend, Meaghan.

    Jeff and Friends

  • 13) Eat A Delassandro's Cheesesteak

    I can check this one off!! MAN was that good. But I still have one that I feel like I enjoyed more in this city, I won’t divulge just yet which was my favorite.



  • 14) Attend The Mushroom Festival

    Jeff Kurkjian traveled to the beautiful Kennett Square for their annual Mushroom Festival. He not only attended, but also actually hosted the mushroom eating competition.

    Mushroom Festival

    Check out his photos here.

  • 15) Go To Elmwood Park Zoo

    Jeff was there with his in-laws for the Beast of a Feast!

    Beast of a Feast

    Check out all of Jeff’s photos from the event here!


  • 16) Go Pumpkin Picking!

    XTU Nation suggests it, Jeff does it! Check out him and his family at a pumpkin patch!

    Pumpkin Patch


    Check out the photos took at the NLCS and World Series games he went to! Just click those links to see the pictures!


  • 18) Set Your Roots!

    Jeff and Emily Kurkjian bought a house in SKIPPACK!!

    New House

  • 19) Go To Pennhurst Asylum!

    It was SO SPOOKY but very fun!!


  • 20) What Should Be Next??