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Keith Urban is coming to The Great Allentown Fair and the Hard Rock in Atlantic City over Labor Day weekend and we’re so excited! If you plan to be there September 1st or 2nd, then you want to check out the Keith Urban Setlist for Atlantic City. This list is based on Keith’s prior concerts according to

He failed music class

Keith Urban started playing ukulele when he was just four years old and guitar when he was six. It was a gift from his grandfather, but I don’t think anyone would have imagined his passion would lead him to the level of stardom he achieved. Keith actually failed music class in high school and eventually bowed out of school so he could make the most of the talent he knew he had (even if the teacher didn’t).

His family is star-studded

If you’re a fan of Keith Urban then you know his wife is the beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman. Keith and Nicole were married in 2006 and are parents to two daughters: Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

He has his own guitar

Keith collaborated with Yamaha to offer fans the Urban Guitar. And it comes with lessons by Keith Urban himself! The Urban is an acoustic guitar designed for beginners. Interactive lessons offer new players a chance to learn from one of the best on their own time. Download the Urban App and play with Keith!

He’s gonna need a bigger shelf

Keith Urban makes great music, and people notice. During his illustrious career, Keith has racked up four Grammy awards, 15 Academy of County Music Awards (ACMs), 13 Country Music Association Awards (CMAs), and six Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (ARIAs).

Keith’s Vegas Residency

Seeing Keith in Atlantic City gives his East Coast fans a more affordable option to seeing him live. And I have to admit, there is NOTHING like seeing Keith Urban play the guitar right in front of you. He is a master. Keith has a residency in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood that begins in November. There are several different packages available to make your experience memorable.

Keith Urban Setlist

  • "Put You In A Song"

    Well, here you come again and you’re lookin’ so fineYou don’t notice me but it’s alrightI’m just a guy who wishes that I could be your man someday

  • "Better Life"

    Someday babyYou and I are gonna be the onesSo hold onWe’re headed for a better life

  • ''Wild Hearts"

    This goes out to the driftersAnd all of the dreamers ready to flyAll those born to be rock starsLifting their guitars and painting the skyCan you hear me?

  • "Days Go By"

    YouAre still a whisper on my lipsA feeling at my fingertipsThat’s pulling at my skinYou

  • "Cop Car"

    You were thinking that running for it would make a good storyI was thinking you were crazy as hellAnd you were so innocent, but you were stealing my heartI fell in love in the back of a cop car

  • "Kiss a Girl"

    To kiss and tellIt’s just not my styleBut the night is youngAnd it’s been a while

  • "Brown Eyes Baby"

    She’ll roll in like a midnight trainAlmost like she never left hereAnd I’ll be ready, baby, when she gets here

  • "The Fighter"

    What if I fall? (I won’t let you fall)What if I cry? (I’ll never make you cry)And if I get scared? (I’ll hold you tighter)When they’re tryna get to you, baby, I’ll be the fighter

  • "Worry 'Bout Nothin'"

    You sittin’ there lookin’ all prettyIn the sunset tree line sparkin’ up with meAnd I love that feelin’ when the smile starts kickin’ inI ain’t never gonna worry ’bout nothin’ again

  • "Somewhere In My Car"

    You grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my headAnd your fingertips slide up and down my backBreathin’ hard, steamin’ up the glassI’d give anything if I could bring it back

  • "Long Hot Summer"

    It’s gonna be a long, hot summer, we should be togetherWith your feet up on the dashboard nowSingin’ along with the radio, it’s such a beautiful sound

  • "Without You"

    Along comes a baby girl, and suddenly my little world,Just got a whole lot bigger, yes it did.

  • "Never Comin Down"

    It was so high, we can paint the skyTear the top right off the ceilingAnd I swear we’re never, ever, ever coming down

  • "One Too Many"

    I know I’m proudBut I’ve had one too manyCome take me home

  • "Sweet Thing" (into Miley Cyrus 'Flowers')

    When I picked you up for our first date babyWell, your pretty blue eyes, they were drivin’ me crazyAnd the tiny little thought that was so amazingIs they were looking at me.


  • "You'll Think of Me"

    Take your records, take your freedomTake your memories, I don’t need ’emTake your space and take your reasonsBut you’ll think of me

  • "Somebody Like You"

    There’s a new wind blowin’ like I’ve never knownI’m breathin’ deeper than I’ve ever doneAnd it sure feels goodTo finally feel the way I do

  • "Blue Ain't Your Color"

    I can see you over thereStaring at your drinkWatchin’ that ice sinkAll alone tonight

  • "Wasted Time"

    Every Friday night when the sun went downWe’d be running them streets like we owned the town

  • "Raise 'Em Up" - ENCORE

    So, you meet someoneThe only oneYou take her by the handMake a standBuy some landMake some loveAnd them babies come

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