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Our girl Shannon (The Andie Summers Show assistant producer) just moved out on her own and is having trouble with leftovers. She sometimes makes just a little too much – but not enough for a full blown leftover meal. And, honestly, you have to be pretty tricky to make re-heated meat, chicken, or fish actually taste good. But you, XTU Nation, you never disappoint us. We threw it out to see what you could come up with and you came back with some really great tips!
Tips about pre-planning.
Tips about re-heating.
Tips about re-purposing.
You have all the tips!
And as someone who loves to cook, even I learned several new techniques that, not only will I love, but I think my husband and kiddos will like, too.
Thank you for stepping up! Now, let’s get to those tips …


    Super easy. Roasted vegetables and just about any protein can be cut into bite-sized pieces and added to a bed of lettuce. Add some salad dressing or oil and vinegar, and maybe some fresh cut veggies, and you’ve got a meal that will not only fill you up, but the protein will help keep you satisfied throughout the morning.
    Thanks to Claudia for calling in, and several other folks for their texts!


    Kim says she always repurposes left-over pork by dicing it up and adding it to some frozen fried rice. She suggests Trader Joe’s. Just add soy sauce to taste and you’re good to go!


    Mega props to Jess in Horsham for sharing this tip:

    Slice your left-over steak or roast, pop it in a ziplock bag with some spices, then throw it in the air fryer for the tastiest and easiest beef jerky you’ve ever had.

    I did some extra research into this one. Most jerky recipes include a combination of the following spices: brown sugar, smoked paprika, meat tenderizer, black pepper, red pepper flakes, onion powder, and garlic powder; as well as soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce.


    Chop up those left over veggies, potatoes, and meats, add some chopped onion, and make them into an omelette!


    I’m a sucker for soups and stews, but rarely do I think to use left-overs as ingredients. But, if you think about it, leftover meats and veggies are perfect ingredients because they’re already seasoned. Pop those delicious morsels in a broth or gravy and you’ve got a delicious dinner!


    Frannie told us about a secret her friend Nicole gave her. Keep some Naan in your freezer (it thaws quickly). On nights you have leftovers but not enough to make a complete meal, you can cut up your meat and/or veggies and make them toppings on pizza! Put each item in separate bowls, line them up on the counter along with sauce and cheese, and let your family make their own pizzas – you just pop them in the oven! It’s fun and delicious.


    Lisa has a great idea for leftover potatoes – fry them up the next night or morning with some onion and you have some delicious home fries! Great with eggs, steak, or both!


    Huge thanks to Jen in Delran for this tip on avoiding rubber chicken. She says to put your microwave on a lower setting, like 50% power or Level 5 (of 10). You then reheat your meat slowly, which helps eliminate drying it out and creating that funky taste and texture.