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ROLLING MEADOWS, IL - JULY 26: Shoppers peruse notebooks and other back-to-school items in a Wal-Mart store July 28, 2003 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Wal-Mart said that sales in the month of July at its U.S. stores that were open at least one year could top expectations. Warm weather has helped turnaround slower retail sales following the cooler weather of May and June. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Well this story will just make you cry and smile all at once.

Greyson Brooks recently delivered $350 worth of crayons, markers, and writing paper to Estes Elementary School in Owensboro, Kentucky. Greyson asked that the supplies be given to the new class of kindergartners because that’s what grade his brother would’ve been in.

His brother, Wyatt, unfortunately passed away from SIDS when Greyson was only three years old. What an amazing way to honor his brother!