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The internet wins again on this one!! A 10-year-old softball prodigy decided to use her platform of over 90,000 followers on the popular app TikTok to help save her dad’s life. She is from South Fayette, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh.

Daniella Neve is very popular in the softball community, check out her profile, you will see how many people enjoy her great softball-related content! However, when he dad needed help, she switched the content on her page momentarily in order to save his life.

Daniella’s dad, Ryan, only has 4% function of his kidneys and has to go to get dialysis three times a week to keep them functioning. They need a very specific type of donor in order to save his life and using TikTok, maybe they could find one!

Ryan Neve spoke with CBS News.

“Nobody has a better heart than her,” Ryan said. “She always checks on me. She doesn’t let me leave her sight. And I feel terrible that I have to put her through this, but she’s so strong for me.”

Multiple news sources, both local and national, have hopped onto this story. And the GREAT news is that, according to one source, a kidney has been found!!

On Wednesday morning (September 28th, 2022), KDKA reporter Kristine Sorensen said UPMC called her to say that a match had been found.

Daniella spoke to CBS News as to why she wanted to help her dad out.

“I wanted to help my dad because I know he’s trying his best to get his kidney, and I really want to support him through that because … he’s very strong,” she said.

Her dad added this in that interview as well!

“Imagine not knowing whether or not you’re going to have the strength to walk your children to their graduation,” Ryan said. “It’s hard for me to ask for help because I’ve been so blessed in life, and I’ve always wanted to help people. But I’m on the other end now, and I need help.”

It’s safe to say it’s pretty amazing that, using the power of the internet, now it looks like Ryan won’t have to miss any of his daughter’s softball games. His surgery is now scheduled for January 5th, according to a news outlet.