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Luke Combs Setlist For Lincoln Financial Field

Luke Combs is heading to Philly at Lincoln Financial Field on July 28th and July 29th for his World Tour and bringing along some amazing country artists too!

Opening Acts

Friday night’s opening acts are the Turnpike Troubadours, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Brent Cobb. Saturday night’s opening acts are Riley Green, Lainey Wilson, Flatland Calvary, and Brent Cobb. Wow, what a line up! Some of these artists will join Luke out on stage later in the show for a duet.

Second Show Added

XTU Nation, you know there’s nothing better than a country concert tailgate and now we get TWO nights of it! Initially, Luke Combs planned on only making one stop at Lincoln Financial Field for Saturday night, but he must know how much Philly loves him because just a few months ago, Combs added a second show! Philly country fans are PUMPED! Philly will be his last stop in the U.S.; after that, he’s off to New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and England!

He told Andie and Jeff all about it!

New Album

The tour is supporting his newest album, Gettin’ Old. You will recognize songs from the album on the tour such as Grownin’ Up & Gettin’ Old, Hannah Ford Road, Where The Wild Things Are, and of course, Fast Car.

Luke Combs Setlist

The country star only puts out hits. His music stretches from singing about an iced cold beer to marrying the girl of your dreams. In fact, a lot of couples now use his music as their first dance at their wedding. He even made our Top 24 Best First Dance Country Songs For Your Wedding for three of his songs! We’re sure many newlyweds are looking forward to hearing their wedding song live.

Check out Luke Comb’s 26-song setlist to prepare for the show. I bet your favorite song or even wedding song made the list!

  • 1. Lovin' on You

    “I can’t get enough of you, honeyYou’re right on the moneyI’m a junkie for your midnight movesI’m in love and lovin’ on you”

  • 2. Hannah Ford Road

    “Man, her daddy would’ve killed meIf he’d only known what was going onDown Hannah Ford road”

  • 3. Cold As You

    “And plenty damn many when you want one more
    This broke-heart fool on an old bar stool
    Drinkin’ beer almost as cold as you”

  • 4. One Number Away

    “I’m one number away from calling youI said I was through, but I’m dying, insideGot my head in a mess, girl, I confessI lied when I said, “I’m leaving and not coming back”

  • 5. Houston, We Got A Problem

    “But I still feel like I landed on the moon‘Cause it ain’t got youHouston, we got a problem”

  • 6. Love You Anyway

    There’s just some things that leave a man no choiceLike a compass needle needing its true NorthEven if I knew the day we met you’d be the reason this heart breaksOh, I’d love you anyway

  • 7. Going, Going, Gone

    “Like a left field homerun ballLike a whiskey shot at last callIt’s like she was made for moving onThat girl is going, going, gone”

  • Must've Never Met You

    “Whoever said it ain’t the end of the worldYou can find somebody newMust’ve never met you”

  • 9. Growin' Up and Gettin' Old

    “And I’ve been finding peace of mind, slowing my roleYou learn to tow that line with time, as it goesIn the middle of growin’ up, and gettin’ old”

  • 10. Don't Tempt Me

    “Next stop is a spot with a fridge stocked on the back porchI ain’t afraid to take too many steps out of lineSo don’t tempt me with a good time”

  • 11. Does To Me (with Riley Green)

    “And I wear this heart on my sleeveAnd that might not mean much to youBut it does to me”

  • 12. Forever After All

    “Other things that I could look at my whole lifeA love like that makes a man have second thoughtsMaybe some things last forever after all”

  • 13. Dust on the Bottle/ Meet in the Middle

    “There might be a little dust on the bottleBut don’t let it fool ya about what’s insideThere might be a little dust on the bottleIt’s one of those things that gets sweeter with time”

    “We’d gain a lot of ground‘Cause we’d both give a littleAnd their ain’t no road to longWhen we meet in the middle”

  • 14. Beautiful Crazy

    “The way that she dancesAin’t afraid to take chancesAnd wears her heart on her sleeveYeah, she’s crazy, But her crazy’s beautiful to me”

  • 15. Where the Wild Things Are

    “Oh, it’s hearts on fire and crazy dreamsOh, the nights ignite like gasolineAnd light up those streets that never sleep when the sky goes darkOut where the wild things are”

  • 16. Outrunnin' Your Memory (with Lainey Wilson)

    “I hear you callin’ my name in the middle of the nightThe longer gone I get on down the roadReminds me, baby, that there just ain’t noOutrunnin’ your memory”

  • 17. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover)

    “You got a fast carIs it fast enough so we can fly away?We gotta make a decisionLeave tonight or live and die this way”

  • 18. 5 Leaf Clover

    “I’ve hit my knees, thankful as can beBut the one thing I can’t get overIs how’d a guy like me who’d have been fine with threeWind up with a five leaf clover”

  • 19. She Got the Best of Me

    “She got the best of meShe broke my heartNow all that’s left of meIs beatin’ in this guitar”

  • 20. Hurricane

    Then you rolled in with your hair in the wind
    Baby, without warning
    I was doin’ alright but just your sight
    Had my heart stormin’

  • 21. 1,2 Many

    “By half past ten, I’m half past tipsyAt quarter to 12, man I’ve done had plentyThe countdown’s on when the first beer hit meFive, four, three, two, one, too many”

  • 22. When It Rains It Pours

    “And I ain’t gotta see myEx-future-mother-in-law anymoreOh Lord, when it rains it pours”

  • 23. Beer Never Broke My Heart

    “Like a neon dream it just dawned on meThe bars and this guitarAnd longneck, ice cold beer never broke my heart”

  • 24. Better Together

    “Some things just go better together and probably always willLike a cup of coffee and a sunrise, Sunday drives and time to killWhat’s the point of this ol’ guitar if it ain’t got no strings?Or pourin’ your heart into a song that you ain’t gonna sing?”

  • 25. The Kind of Love We Make

    “Girl, I want it, gotta have itLet the passion take us to a higher placeMakin’ the kind of love we make”

  • 26. Brand New Man (Brooks & Dunn cover)

    “Oh, I saw the light, I’ve been baptizedBy the fire in your touch and the flame in your eyesI’m born to love againI’m a brand new man”

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