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Maren Morris got her callback!

You might remember, a couple months back Maren Morris shared a video on TikTok that she claimed was her self-audition tape for the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked. In the video, she performed The Wizard and I, and said,

“honestly, even if I don’t get the part, this was so fun.”

Bravo, Maren! It looks like her performance may have worked!!!  Maren just shared the good news on Twitter, writing,

“I got a callback for Wicked. I am in tears. What the hell. 💚😭.”

Wicked actress Kristen Chenoweth then commented,

“You go baby!! Told ya you could do it!!! xoxooxo”

to which Maren replied,

“Stop my heart is going to explode. 💀💚”