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Get excited for some new drama this fall, ABC is launching a spinoff of the popular show “The Bachelor.” Meet the new 71 year old “Golden Bachelor” who which airs this fall. The show will explore a love story for the golden years.
The 71-year-old retired restaurateur was married to his high school girlfriend for 43 years, but she passed away in 2017. He says, “I’d love it if I found a partner who is high-energy. Someone who maybe plays pickleball; someone who maybe plays golf.”

What’s so funny is that it’s airing at 10p, which is late. So if you know your parents or someone in your life who’s a boomer who doesn’t know how to use their DVR or Hulu, please show them before “The Golden Bachelor” premieres so they don’t miss it.

“It’s never too late to fall in love again,” Turner said during an appearance on Good Morning America. “Don’t give up, there’s always possibilities.”

Turner said he was pushed to join the show by his two daughters after their mother, Turner’s wife, died. Though the pressure could make any man nervous, he told GMA that being the first elderly man to lead the show “feels amazing and it’s still sinking in.”

It’s pretty wild The Bachelor franchise has been around for 27 seasons. The very first episode aired March 25, 2002, which is over 21 years ago. It’s kind of hard to wrap your brain around how long it’s been on air. Chris Harrison was the host for much of it, and now Jesse Palmer has taken over, which is also a former Bachelor contestant. The ratings still remain high after all this time. I guess it covers alot. People love drama, but they also want to believe in love. There has been a few couples who have fun love, but more contestants seem to find success in the entertainment business after the show. It worked out when social media became popular because so many of them become social media influencers will millions of followers.

  • The Golden Bachelor

    Premieres this Fall on ABC at 10p. It’s kind of funny that it’s supposed to be for the older generation and it’s on at 10p. We have to make sure they know how to use the DRV and/or Hulu so they can watch it the next day. Ha.

    Golden Bachelor

  • Sean Lowe Is My Favorite Bachelor

    Sean started out on Emily Maynard’s season in 2012 and was a finalist.  He was such a fan favorite that he became The Bachelor in 2013.  He proposed to Catherine Giudici, they got married in January in 2014, and have been together since. They have 3 children and he’s hilarious to follow on Instagram.

  • Everyone Is Excited

    Fran and Ria from the very popular podcast Chicks in the Office are very excited about The Golden Bachelor.  They have a great point, most people who go on The Bachelor now do it for the chance to be an influencer, this group might be very genuine and actually want to find love.

  • The Ladies of The View Weighed In

    Obviously The Golden Bachelor is a hot topic, which is something the ladies of The View love to discuss.  I could see Whoopi Goldberg being the Bachelorette.  She would sure make for good tv, but she wouldn’t put up with any drama.

  • Gerry Did An Exclusive Interview On Good Morning America

    I can see Michael Strahan being The Bachelor at some point.  He already works for ABC, although he has a few jobs, he’s catching up with Ryan Seacrest.  If he wasn’t so busy, maybe he would consider it. He obviously would be quite the catch.

  • Gerry Is A Silver Fox

    Gerry is from Indiana and honestly looks like a model. I love that he’s from the midwest and looks like he’s right out of Beverly Hills.

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