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Hey, there! It’s Andie Summers just back from a trip to Florida to take my “snow-bird” mom to her winter abode. It’s always an emotional trip because I’m moving Mom from PA to Super Far Away, and it’s where my Poppo passed away a few years ago … but he’s still with us, no matter where we are. When we arrived, “My Prayer” by The Platters came on the radio. That song also came on the radio in the car when I drove my mom to my father’s funeral in 2017. It’s his song to her and it was his way of letting us know she wasn’t alone.

Listen to the stories XTU Nation called to tell us and scroll down to read more stories from you. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • The Woman in the White Gown

    After my grandmother passed, my daughter, who was about 14, was visited by her many times (she is her only great-grandchild). She would see a figure in a white nightgown. She didn’t know my grandmother always wore a long white nightgown. Things would also happen like lightswitches clicking off as the lights turned off and once an iPhone charging cube flew off the counter as if someone threw it. My daughter yelled “GG, stop! You’re scaring me!” It all stopped after that but we still feel her presence sometimes. She’s just quieter now.
    ~ Tara

  • Dad will Always be Near

    My Dad passed in 2008. He came to me to tell me how he missed and loved me and that I did everything I could for him.

  • Dad Comes Shining Through

    My grandpop passed in 2015 and there was a point in time that everything was going terribly for me. growing up him and I would listen to John Denver together and I was driving one day hysterically crying and begging for signs…all the sudden Sunshine on my Shoulders by John Denver started playing on my Spotify and the sun started blasting through my car and i instantly felt so warm like i had gotten a huge hug from him.


  • Grandma Checks On Her in Dreams

    My grandmother had passed away in 2008, maybe 5-6 years later my mom and I were clearing out and closing a safety deposit box at the bank when I saw my grandparents names on a savings bond for me. I got really emotional and everyone was asking why I was crying but I didn’t really know. Later that night I had a very realistic dream that I got an email telling me to look over and I’d see a woman in a blue dress. It was my grandmother and she didn’t say anything but I woke up just thinking “woah”. The “dream” had continued after I went back to sleep and I just whole heartedly believe that she was checking up to make sure I was okay.


  • Fathers & Daughters

    My Daddy passed in 2005 from Pancreatic Cancer … A few years after his passing I was on the way to a departed reading with a psychic medium (hoping like no other he would come through) and for a half hour straight the radio kept playing song after song about fathers and daughters or songs that we liked to listen too


  • Her Scent Remains

    My mom passed 9 years ago this December. She always wore Oil of Olay moisturizer at night and the smell reminds me of her. Often times in the early evening, I get a whiff of that smell and it lets me know she’s there with me. Quite often it happens when I really need to talk to her and it always makes me smile.


  • Mom or Puppy?

    My mom passed oct 24 2019… her bday is oct 5. The whole month before we asked her what she wanted for her bday .. she said a dog.. knowing she can not take care of a dog but she also wasn’t going to be with us much long we told her when you get better we will get one. Well fast forward 6 months the guy I was dating got me a puppy. Now broken up this year on my mom’s bday, we (me my father and my dog) were all sitting in the living room. I told my dog to go get her toy (that was in the dining room) she didn’t move. Told her again to go get it… The toy squeaked “on its own”.. everyone was freaked out… including the dog… I knew it was my mom making her presence known.


  • You Can't Hug Me, but I'm Fine ...

    My favorite cousin passed suddenly from a PE after hernia surgery. My family was devastated and never really recovered. Every night before falling asleep I would beg him to come to me and let me know that he was okay. Finally about 3 months after he passed he came to me in a dream. I will never forget it because it was so real and vivid. He told me he was fine and that I was not allowed to hug him. He told me some other personal things about the future of his wife and children. I told my Mom about my experience and she told me not to tell my Aunt because it would upset her and she really didn’t believe in stuff like that. Fast forward to 20 years later I was having a phone conversation with my Aunt who was having back surgery in a couple of days. I decided to tell her about my visit with Neil. She was dead silent and started crying softly. I told her that I was so sorry for telling her because I didn’t mean to upset her. She said no, I had the same visit and he said the exact same things to me. He came to her while she was making his bed and he told her not to touch or hug him but he was okay and he loved her very much. With that he was gone and never came back. My Aunt had her surgery and never came out of it. I’m so glad we got to share our stories together before she passed away. I still talk to him and miss him every day but am so grateful for the conformation that he was okay.


  • Leave Room for Dad

    My dad checks in time to time. Through ways I can’t begin to explain. Now that I’m a father myself, my daughter will sit to the side in his rocking chair with his photo. I’m not allowed. When he was alive, it was HIS chair. He’s been gone 18 years now (half my life) and she is 2. She knows it’s his chair. She also loves his old truck, which I sold and bought back a few years ago. It needs to be restored, but she loves playing in it. We pull the pictures of him out of the glove box and she gives him kisses. Few years ago I was in a house we worked in when I was in high school. I was choked up thinking of him and the days we worked in home back then. As I’m pulling wires back to the electrical box we installed, all of a sudden *SNAP* I had found a mouse trap with my hand. I pulled my hand back so fast that it went flying across the basement as I yelled in surprise as well as pain. I heard his laugh. He had a laugh you couldn’t forget. He liked to joke around. I have seen him in dreams, in fact I just had one recently.


  • Long Walk off a Short Pier

    I experienced this more times then I can count… as a child I saw images on my wall of two people talking & the room would be extremely cold. After my grandfather passed I saw him in my dreams standing at the end of a pier looking out over water… he use to always tell us to take a long walk off a short pier lol 😂also would always smell his tobacco when I was driving his car & he’d change the radio station 😂 I could go on forever… my Avery just saw the bedroom door close on its own too tonight lol we are just use to it at this point


  • Photo Speaks Volumes

    My husband passed March 2020. His bdsy was last week Nov 9. That morning upon waking his picture was on the floor in front of my bedroom door.


  • Heaven-Seat Driver

    My grandpa was a truck driver and he taught me everything I know about driving, especially in the snow. One time I was leaving work during a snow squall that dropped a quick few inches. I was driving home in the dark on an unfamiliar road and freaking out, when all of a sudden I saw a light in my passenger side mirror even though I was the only car on the road. I looked over and my grandpa was sitting in the passenger seat, clear as day. I looked back to the road and then back again and he was gone, but I experienced a lovely calm feeling and I was able to stop freaking out and get home.


  • 1-4-3 Gambler

    My grandpa just passed two weeks ago. He was a huge gambler!! He passed away at 1:43 (1:43 represents I love you) I went to the casino with some friends and I never go to the casino! I put 5 dollars in the machine just for fun…. I won 341 dollars….. 1:43 time just with the numbers mixed up. When I went to cash out my money, the machine asked if I wanted to donate my change to Alzheimer’s which he passed away from


  • Mom Hears You ...

    I hve been visited by a few different people after they passed but the important one to me was my momma ….I had been dreaming of her everyday after she passed ( that actually went on for 2 years) but about 4 days after she passed she actually spoke to me , she told me she heard all of us in the hospital ( she was in critical care for 3 days before she died) and that she was ok and that she loved us all. I knew without a doubt that she came to me and it wasn’t just a dream. I still dream of her at least 1 x a week if not more but she only spoke directly to me that 1 time . It’s been 3 1/2 years since she died and i still ache to see her and hug her


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