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The term you learn something new every day definitely applies to this list. There are so many of these mind-blowing facts that you probably didn’t even realize.

Did you know some of these mind-blowing facts??  I was today year’s old when I found out that…

Help us add to this list with some mind-blowing facts…

  • The McDonalds Golden Arches Are Supposed To Be French Fries


  • Saying "Break A Leg" Before Someone's Audition Means You Want Them To Be In The Cast

    Breaking a leg will put you in a cast… Get it? Pretty awesome.


  • It's called Arby's because they serve roast beef a.k.a. RB


  • There is an arrow in the Fed Ex logo

    The arrow is between the E and the X.  YOOO!!!!


  • In the Amazon logo, there is an arrow below pointing from A to Z


  • The character Fes/Fez in That 70's Show stands for Foreign Exchange Student

    70's Show

  • The first episode of a series is called a Pilot because it's the first time on air

    Get it, pilots are in the air… On the air.  WOW!

  • Flamingoes Get Their Pink Color Because Of Their Shrimp Consumption

    Thanks to Heather on Facebook for pointing this out!


  • Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

    Bill from The Andie Summers Show Facebook page chimed in with this doozy!