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Do you feel like you’re spending more money than ever when you go shopping at the grocery store? According to the budgeting app, the average person is spending $150 to $300 on food per person, per month.


Yeah, and when you add to that the fact that the cost of groceries have recently hit the biggest 12-month increase in more than 40 years, it’s no wonder we’re all trying to find every way to stretch our budgets.

Truth be told, we’re making some bad habits when we go to the grocery store and that is racking up some seriously high bills that are totally avoidable. According to the How To Money podcast,

“After housing and transportation, we spend more money on food than anything else.  That’s close to 15% of our expenses.”

Check out these simple hacks that can save you some serious moolah at the grocery store.

  • Go with a plan.

    Make a list and stick to it! That includes planning out what drinks and snacks to buy.
    If you’re like me and ALWAYS leave the grocery store with more items than I planned to buy, this tip can help you trim your spending and avoid impulse purchases.

    But planning isn’t just about making the list – it’ll help to plan your meals for the week before you make your list.

  • Stock up on meat when it's on sale.

    Check those circulars and take advantage of every penny you can save on meats – which tend to be the biggest money-grab at the store. Plan your meals around what’s on sale, and you can even stock up, when the price is really good, and freeze your meat or chicken for another day.

  • Freeze cooked meals and/or leftovers.

    Freezing isn’t just for meat. If you’re preparing a large meal, you can set aside extra servings for future meals. This is great if you live alone. Make a recipe for four and then individually pack up each serving and freeze it. Then you have your very own, homemade, TV dinner ready when you are!

  • Do your shopping online.

    This is something that really took off during the pandemic and people really love it. While delivery apps may charge fees (and you’ll have to tip your delivery driver), many grocery stores allow you to shop online and pick up your groceries at a set time for free.

    There are so many benefits to taking advantage of online shopping and curbside pickup:

    • Seeing your total as your fill your virtual cart gives you the option to make revisions without schlepping all over the store.
    • Not seeing those impulse items will keep your cart to what’s needed. (to be honest, that delivery fee is usually less than the money I spend on impulse purchases.)

  • Don't focus on brand.

    Don’t be a snob. Buy items based on weight and not the brand. While the more popular name brand item may be more familiar, it may not be the best deal. According to that How to Money podcast, staying away from name brands could save you 20% – 40%!

    Take a look at the package weight and price per serving when buying items at the store and ensure you’re making the best buy for your wallet.

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