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It always sounds like a great idea when we’re making the invitation, but then it’s time for your friends or family to arrive and you’re like, “WHYYYYYY?????” Mattress Firm asked 2,000 people, “What’s the most annoying thing a guest can do while staying at your home?”

  • 1 - SURPRISE!

    49% said arriving unannounced or without an invitation is the WORST!

  • 2 - Nosie-Nellies

    48% of respondents said Snooping

  • 3 - Butterfingers

    Also a large vote for folks who break stuff.

  • 4 - Pig Pen

    Don’t make a mess!

  • 5 - SHHHHHH

    If you’re too loud, I’m too old.

    And I’m okay with that.

    SHUT UP!